My skinny little brother weighs 300lb

My skinny little brother weighs 300lb

My little brother is so skinny that he is practically bones and my family are so poor that we ration everything. My mother and father use body weight scales to see who weighs the most and who ever is weighing the most then that person cannot eat or gets reduced amount. They assume who ever is weighing the most on the scales probably has had too much to eat and so cannot eat anymore or you would just get less food. Its all about saving and being fair to everyone and I had hoped my family could escape poverty but things seem to keep getting worse.

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My family are outcasts who don't socialise with anyone and no one really takes notice of us. My mother has so many different kind of scales to measure how much we all weigh and for the past month my little brother who is the skinniest out of all of us seems to be getting scores of more than 300lb on the scales. When it started happening my mother used different kinds of scales to re-weigh my little brother but he always weighed 300lb.

My mother and father believing in the number of scales decided that my extremely skinny small little brother weighs too much and should not eat anymore. My weight is average for a 17 year old male and my mother and fathers weight is normal for thier age group and gender. My little brother though because he always got 300lb on the scales he didn't get any food and this doesn't make sense because if you saw him well he doesn't look like a 300lb type of guy.

My little brother started to cry because he was starving and he begged my parents for food but they shouted at him and told him that he weighed too much and needs to lose weight. I tried sharing my food with him but then I got told off for that as well. Then in the middle of the night my extremely skinny little brother would beg me to weigh him again and he always weighed 300lb and I couldn't explain to him why he always weighed that much.

We have so many scales made from different companies in my house and they all point to the same number of 300lb. My mother would come down and shout at both me and my brother to get to bed and as my little brother begs to her that he is starving but my mother tells him to lose some weight and then he can eat something.

My little brother is struggling to be alive right as starvation is taking its toll but the scales always point to 300lb. He can never have any food not in my house hold. We found some items stolen like small fruit and vegetables and we knew it was my little brother which he got in trouble for. I don't know if he is going to survive much longer as all of the food in our house is now locked in a special cupboard. My little brother isn't strong enough to break them open and even with a weapon in his hands as he is wasting away.

The scales always point to 300lb when my little brother steps onto them.

Submitted June 11, 2018 at 02:25PM by shortstory1

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