My son is alive, but without a heart.

My son is alive, but without a heart.

Writers note: This is the first story that I've ever published, and quite frankly, the only story I've come to complete. Any friendly criticism is much welcomed, for I want to be able to write good stories. Enjoy your stay.

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We just moved to a little town in the middle of Maryland. A small and quiet place, but very cute and calm. There's me, and my son Mason, who just turned eight.

We were moving away from his mother who had claimed that she was Satan's spawn and that Mason's heart needed to be given up for Satan to create more spawns. She was contained in an asylum and we never heard from her for a year until she was released and we started getting weird messages.

I decided it would be best for us to get a safe start. It was almost the beginning of a new school year, so Mason wouldn't be transferred in the middle of the year, which was better for him. We agreed not to tell anyone about his mother, and we continued on with our new lives in this tiny, new town.

Mason was enrolled in the local elementary school, and his first few months were fine. He'd go to school, well rested, and with a smile on his face, and he'd come home laughing and telling me stories about what he did that day.

All of a sudden, all of that changed. He stopped smiling. He stopped sleeping. He never talked to me after school. Something was obviously bothering Mason and I wanted to know. "Hey buddy," I said to him one day on the drive home.

He didn't respond.

"How was your day at school?" I looked over to see him staring out the window. He had a huge gash down his cheek. "What happened to your face? Get in a fight?"

He shook his head and remained silent the rest of the way home. When we got home, I told him I wanted to talk to him, and we sat in the living room together. "So, what's wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong…" He would say, acting like an angsty teen. God, I was not ready for him to be like that soon.

I stared at him for a few minutes, knowing that he'd eventually crack under the embarrassment.

"A kid went missing a few days ago, Dad. He transferred from where we used to live. We were friends for a few days until he… left."

He was expecting me to respond, but I didn't know how. I sat there, staring at my son, confused and shocked.

"Why wasn't I informed?"

"I knew you wouldn't want me to talk to him. He would probably know too much about mom. Turns out, he knew her very well."

"What do you mean by that?"

"Mom was his aunt. When his mother died shortly after we moved, and she got full custody of him. She found out where we moved to and followed us," he paused, trying to hold back tears. "Ever since he stopped showing up to school that one day, I've seen her… Almost everywhere. She was at school, at the store, even outside the house, dad."

I was shocked by what my son was telling me. I know he was too young to be making all of this up, plus he had never been exposed to anything like this.

After that evening, I was using my parental instincts to do anything I could to keep my child safe. I put locks on the windows and changed them on all of the doors. I even put locks on the inside doors. I was too scared for my son's safety to take any risks with his mother somehow being here to take him away from my arms.

We lived in that confined state for a little until I got a call from state police. They said they had found my ex-wife on the other side of the state. She had been put in jail for reselling prescription medications. I was relieved as soon as I was notified that.

A few weeks after that call, we were hit by a bad storm at night, and the tree in our back yard collapsed onto the house. I packed Mason's and my things and we stayed at a motel until we could move back into our house.

The motel was right next to a Pizza Hut and I was going to walk over and get Mason and I a pizza so that we could relax. We both loved pizza and it wasn't something we always had. I trusted Mason enough that he could stay in the motel room alone, and I walked over to Pizza Hut.

While waiting in line for my pizza, my phone rang. It was an unknown number, but I still answered.

"One, five, eighteen, echo, fifty-four, sierra…"

I hung up, thinking it was a spam call, but still being weary when I remembered that it was the code on my badge when I worked on a military base. I handed in the badge when I moved, and didn't know how anyone would know it.

Once I got my pizza, I headed back to the motel. The door was unlocked, the room in shambles. Mason was gone. I searched all over and contacted the motel's manager; Nothing. I contacted the police and filed a missing person's report. Those next few months were the worst of my life. The police department had almost given up.

I got a phone call from the same number that had called me before Mason disappeared, and when I answered, they kept repeating numbers. I wrote them down and turned it into the police. They were coordinates.

Later that day, the police told me that they had found my son. He was rushed to the hospital after they found no pulse. I was positive he was gone, and I went to the hospital shortly after I hung up.

A few days later, he was awake. I went to visit him, and when I spoke to him, something was off about him. I talked to the nurse in the hallway, and noticed his blank stare was always in my direction. The nurse had told me that despite him never having a pulse since his arrival, he was awake and well, but still on life support. My eyes grew wide. That can't be possible…

"Does he have a heart?" I asked.

The nurse was puzzled. "Of course he does. It's not-"

"Does he have one?" I asked sternly.

"No… We found nothing."

I stood for a minute, shocked by what I found out. "Pull the plug," I said.

"What? This is a scientific miracle-"

"Pull that damn plug, or I'll do it myself."

She proceeded to do what I told her. I watched as my son stared at me, slowly falling back onto the bed. He whispered something, and when he fell, a paper fell out of his hand. I waited until the nurse left and grabbed the paper. I checked to see if anyone was looking, and I saw her. My ex-wife. She was standing outside the door. She motioned to the note, and I read it.

"It's been done, Mr. Clark. Enjoy your stay."

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