My stepmother tried to poison me

My stepmother tried to poison me

After my mother died my father got remarried. Susan was nice at first. She would take me on trips, buy me toys. And it felt nice to have a mother figure in my life again.

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Me and my father were never that close. He worked long hours and even if he was at home he was never interested in me.

It wasn't that long after the honeymoon that my stepmother's behavior began to change. First, it was my dog, Charlie. He was the cutest little Jack Russel. One night I heard my dad and my stepmother arguing over the dog. The shouting didn't last long till I heard the thumps. My dad was a violent drunk. He never hit me, but he would often beat my mother in front of me. The next morning when I woke up my dog was gone and when I asked my stepmother about him she just growled at me and told me my dad hated the dog and that was it.

Right before I started getting sick I was sitting down eating a meal my dad had cook for us. Just as I was about to eat my dinner, my stepmother came barging into the dining room picked up my plate and smashed it off the ground. When I asked why she shouted at me and sent me to bed.

My stepmother had to go away for a few days, so she cooked up a load of dinners for me and my father and put them in the fridge for when she was gone.

When I ate the first meal I got violently sick. When the same thing happened the second time, I knew then she was trying to poison me. I went and told my father. But he didn't believe me. He even ate some of the food in the fridge that was left for me.

The night my stepmother came home my father decided to cook dinner to welcome her back. My stepmother helped my father finish in the kitchen. It was her chance to slip the poison in my food I thought. My stepmother brought the food to the table. While they finished in the kitchen I switched my plate for hers.

As we all sat there eating. I kept looking at my stepmother. Waiting for her to start choking, or start screaming in agonizing pain. My father turned to me with a sinister grin on his face and asked me how my food tasted. I told him it was the best thing I ever tasted while looking at my stepmother. Then my father let out a gut-wrenching scream. Holding his throat he falls to the floor. While I watched my father choking to death. My stepmother turned to me and said.

"Before you switched my plate for yours, I switched your plate for his. Now eat up the rest of your dinner before it gets cold. I have some nice dessert for when you're done."

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