My Trip To A Mental Asylum (Part 2)

My Trip To A Mental Asylum (Part 2)

Hey again Reddit Sorry about the last post.

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I got a lot of bad memories flooding my head like a vulcano. It was a bit too much for me to handle…

Well, back to my story.

I usually waited for everything to happen while i just sat with a blank stare, but one day i had a flashback to the hell i was in for 3 years.

I remembered how James used to hit me like a punching bag, broken ribs, broken arm and a broken nose, even internal bleedings, that would be on a good day…

I came back to the real world, shedding a tear from the mindshattering abuse i went through. Thought about how people could let that kind of shit happen to a child, how people could do that to a child…

I stood up and walked out of class, no words just left. The teacher tried to stop me but saw i was crying, and left me to do my thing.

I went home that night, and as i said… The circle, it had already begun long ago.

I came home, i was alone, there was no one. not even my stepfather was home. I was kinda relieved he had left too. made it easier to be me for a little bit.

Tho that wasn't my plan. I went to the kitchen again, just like when i was little. I took a knife from the drawer, as i did that i thought to myself ''Am i really gonna do this again? No, this time it will work. this life… this, horrible life, it isn't worth living…'' i looked at the knife for a bit, it was a long chef's knife.

I walked out of the kitchen, into the bathroom and closed the door. I walked to the shower and turned on the water, took off my clothes and threw them in whatever direction, and i started cutting my wrists. It felt weirdly relieving, to punish myself like that. Like i earned it.

But as they always say ''Over the bridge for attention, down the river for effects'' So it was down the river, i had already cut one wrist and was going for the other, it hurt like hell. Not even my stepfather had inflicted that kind of pain on me as i did to myself that day.

I suddenly heard a click, coming from down the hall. I thought to myself ''Fuck, well at least i lo-'' my thoughts were interrupted as i heard the bathroom door open and saw my mother looking at me with concern.

I looked at her with an expression of peace, i was finally gonna escape this wretched existence that was my life. But no…

The world had other plans… I woke up, at an mental asylum, and that broke me. I lost my sanity there. because… It was the same GODDAMN ASYLUM!!

I thought i had finally escaped, but no. My hell was beginning for real now, and i knew what these demons did, i remembered it. and i remembered all the faces there.

Some of them didn't even look human, and the worst part of that was, they were pedophiles…

I remember one, probably the worst of them all… Christian, he was the worst pedo of them all. He didn't mind other people, so he did as he wanted… When he wanted…

And unlucky me, he saw me. and smiled at me, with a smile of lust… Pure, Lust.

I avoided he's gaze as i walked past him and he suddenly grabbed me by the arm, and said ''Welcomme back kid'' with a kind voice… It was mostly creepy because of how he looked, hadn't he been burned in a housefire, then you wouldn't even think he would throw a piece of paper on the street.

I didn't answer him and got out of he's grip and walked along, down to my old room.

Thats where i met james, he had gotten word i was back, and he was there to ''Greet'' me. He was just on he's way out of my old room when he spotted me, and thats where i heard it. the happy jog.

As he got closer i noticed something, he didn't have a manbun anymore, ha had he's hair backwards, nice a slick. and he had grown out he's eyebrows.

If he hadn't been in the asylum he would probably be mistaken to be a model, or even a lawyer if he wore a suit.

He jogged along towards me, and i froze in my tracks, only remembering him basically butchering me, i couldn't move.

And as he got closer i could feel my heart, bump out of my chest, and then i felt the familiar sensation of a fist, hitting me in the side of my ribs. then a knee in my face and a headlock as a finisher. and while he did all this, he maintained a perfect smile, and said something to me as i was in a headlock ''Thanks for last time little man, it really hurt, so i'm done being nice to you. now, i'm gonna hurt you even worse''

And at that moment i felt like my head was gonna pop, but he let go, and gave me a hard punch to the face, i broke my nose again…

I couldn't walk due to the pain so i just laid there, as james walked away, giggling like a schoolgirl on prom night…

2 Weeks later i started walking again, and got better. But only in body, my mind was shattered to crums.

I was locked up there for a long time, i dont care to go into detail about christian. that isn't something for anyones mind.

What he did was twisted…

To Be Continued

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