Nobody can save me anymore

Nobody can save me anymore

Hey guys! I had to make a horror story for English about a month ago and this is what I made. It's my first horror story / creepypasta I ever made although I have been reading them for years. Please let me know what you think and any feedback is welcome! There might be some loopholes in the story but I've tried to remove most of them. Just a little note for the story: the story consists of two parts but you can read them in whatever order you like and you would come up with a different conclusion. Please let me know what you think of the story and I would love to hear your theories of what happened! Thank you very much in advance!

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Nobody can save me anymore
There it is again, the glooming feeling of being watched. This thing, this creature, this abomination of the Devil is back and it is, once again, staring at me. I’m writing this note from my bedroom and I can feel the eyeballs of the beast peering at me from the shadow. I do not only smell the foul stench of its rotting and decaying body, I cannot just hear the creature’s low dragging breath, but above all: I can see it. His red, bloodshot eyes are peering into my soul. This monster’s mouth is filled with decomposing teeth that make me shiver to the bone. Its claws are long and blunt and chunks of skin and fur keep swinging from his blood-soaked torso. To make the view a real living hell: his body is twisting in the most awful ways imaginable, he bends his legs backwards and his body keeps cracking whenever it moves. All I can do now is wait. Wait as death is approaching…

This thing has been haunting me ever since I was little and even now I cannot get used to its suffocating presence. Whenever life goes well, I can hear the dull footsteps of my stalker. The footsteps that always remind me of the terrible time that is yet to come. It taunts me with the grin of a maniac, a smile that consists of rows of rotting teeth, filling the face from ear to ear. Nobody believes me when I tell about my demon. Feel free to dismiss this as delusion as well, but keep in mind that just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

This beast has been following me ever since the first time I saw it but I think it has started to develop worse intentions than just to scare me. Since a few weeks, it has been inflicting pain on me as well. Not just pain but the agonizing feeling of death, although the Devil himself would always make sure to wake me up in my own personal hell again. Whenever I am lucky it will just lurk at me from the shadows while I struggle to go to sleep, but only when I’m lucky. Usually it will rip me back to consciousness and run his claws down my arms before starting to peel the skin from my body. This creature will only stop when my arms are covered in a warm and sticky substance, which I can only presume to be blood. My friends have been calling me a liar and they keep saying I’m trying to get attention by hurting myself but I am not like that! I am not like that… The Devil is haunting me and it wants me dead.

I’m writing this note in case something happens to me and I want people to know that this terrorizing creature is real. I am convinced that this beast will try to take my life, take it and drag it to hell. Why am I sure of this? The thing broke my arm yesterday. I tried to sleep while this creature gazed at me when suddenly, it lunged at me and started tearing my hair out, it started pushing its fingers deep into my eye sockets and it grabbed my arm, snapping it in half. I felt the bone fracture and I heard a loud snap as the thing broke my arm and retreated to the darkness. The doctors said that it looks like I fell on my arm but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t convince them otherwise. I’m wearing a cast now and the doctors prescribed me some painkillers so the pulsating feeling is gone for now. The companionship of the monster however, has far from left me.

I can hear the thing grunting in the hallway and it’s scratching at my door. It is ready to take my final breath and spill my blood. I can see the shadow through the small space below the door. It’s waiting for me. I should have never let my mother take this late-hour shift, she will be home tomorrow morning and I will be trapped here. My own house has become my own hell and this creature is going to kill me. I can do nothing but wait for my mother to come home. Wait for death to enter my bedroom.

Goodnight mom.


Published in The USA Today, June 15 2015.

Hallucinating boy commits suicide
The police has been investigating an apparent suicide by a highly religious sixteen-year-old boy in Manhattan. His mother, who had just come home from a late night shift, found the body in his unlocked bedroom. The boy seemed to have smashed the windows from the inside followed by him slitting almost every single artery he could before collapsing from his injuries. The boy broke his arm before the tragedy but forensic analysts say there is a connection between the two incidents. The boy has a background of hallucinating and this, combined with the fact that the boy has been taking painkillers for his broken arm, has most likely caused him to experience vivid hallucinations. The boy had the expression of mortal terror on his face and the hallucinations might have been the cause for this.
The boy slit his wrists but the police haven’t been able to find any explanation to why there are bite marks on the body. According to the police it seems like the boy has been trying to chew through the tendon before smashing the window and proceeding with glass, although it is unknown how he did this with a broken arm. The mother is still sceptical about the whole situation; she says the boy hated blood. The mother would have expected a goodbye letter if this was a suicide but no letter has been found. The neighbours said they heard some strange animal-like noises but after checking the garden they concluded it must have been a dog. Although this all seems like a strange event, the investigation ended this afternoon and the police ruled it a suicide.

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