Okay, So this is the scariest thing that has ever happened to me.

Okay, So this is the scariest thing that has ever happened to me.

I wanna start this off by clarifying that I have no real explanation for this, though I assume I was being delusional, or having a psychotic break, or something like that.

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I was 17, and my mother had been battling cancer for quite a few years. We were living in a small two bedroom apartment in Laughlin Nevada's Crown Point apartment complex, it's real, you can look it up, and even visit the apartment if you wanna, though people live there now? and that would be weird.

We had been in the apartment for quite some time, and things were not great. I had a cat named Jazz at the time, and she was amazing, my Mom had been dating a guy named Ronnie, he wasn't amazing; and the whole place was sort of a wreck a lot of the time. See, my best friends (and sort of psuedo-family) had been living there with us, off and on. That sort of "hey J stays over for like three weeks, then goes to his parent's house, then D+B come over for like two months" sort of central friend hub kind of thing. The apartment complex has a pool, and we used it a lot, and I had a lot of stuff lying around, we collected things, and kept them in the apartment. I'm sort of a pack-rat, and this leads to collections in a huge way. This gave the whole place a sort of half-family/half-bachelor-pad kind of feel. Lots of posters, I even had Marilyn Monroe on my ceiling over my bed, because you know, I was 17 and a total goober.

So, my Mom's cancer had gone into remission, though would later return, that's a whole different kind of story though. This lead to her partying a lot. She would drink heavily, and be absent for about a week or so at a time pretty often. Her and Ronnie would just vanish with our food stamps card, return with some food and a lot of beer, then take the beer and vanish back into the aether. This left my friends around a bunch. we stayed up all night all the time, played a metric ass-tonne of video games. (Last Remnant is an incomplete trainwreck, and a masterpiece) We were also super into the occult, mysticism, blah blah, lots of what I would later not be into at all. This made me very paranoid about ghosts and boogins and such. Though, that aside, we were convinced something was in the apartment. See, B (we're doing that "first name is gonna be the first letter of the name shtick here") HATED the back room, he said it gave him an "off" feeling. See I felt the same all the time, and wouldn't ever go back there. Attached is a layout of the apartment that sort of sums up the layout. Now, all in all, the following was "noticed" by our adolecent brains;


  1. The ceiling would have shadows which looked like water was being reflected on it

  2. Weird noises would be heard off and on

  3. A feeling of being watched (cliche)

  4. a "Shadow Man" or something

  5. General paranoia being "amplified" when near the back room

  6. Objects moving

  7. It got worse, when you were alone.

There was other stuff, but It isn't super relevant.

Now, there were rarely nights when we wouldn't be paired up, or have at least two people in the house at a time; then there was the night I'm talking about here.

Okay, so my unlucky ass has every one of my friends, my Mom, and my Cat (who had been let out to the wild by my Mom, which just blows in a huge way R.I.P. Jazz wherever you are, you brilliant perfect cat) had all decided to be somewhere else. It's the middle of summer, and I have nowhere to go, it's exceedingly hot outside because I'm in the desert, everyone outside is inside, and I am alone.

So to note, weird shit always started to happen, and one in the morning.

it became, one in the morning.

Weird shit started to happen.

Now, being close to the back of the house was basically verboden. So I'm sitting in the living room, trying to watch TV, my room is 16scary46me right now, so I'm not about to head in there, when it starts.

The TV decided to turn itself off. The remote had been missing for about two years, so I think 'Okay, weird, it's a shitbird Tube-TV, it's fritzy" and turn it back on. It decides to turn itself back off right after. I'm thinking the TV died, when suddenly it turns itself back on and starts cranking the volume.

So, fuck that right? I decide to sit down, when the ceiling starts to do it's "water shadow" thing; fuck. me. my house is haunted. I decided to do the only logical thing, and start to panic like a child. I turn off the TV, and it starts to turn back on, each time I turn it off.

Now, okay, so I'm starting to think that someone is fucking with me, I rationalize, and calm down. I turn the volume down, turn on Adult Swim, and stop panicking. I ignore the shadows, and burn some sage (into supernatural stuff). I am not an expert with these things, though I had thought that would fix it, and it didn't.

The sage seemed to calm things down, as the TV stayed on, until it started turning the volume up, and down, and up and down.

Then, it turned off, and then it went back on, full blast, and in static.

When this happens, I stand up, and papers from the table near the kitchen float up off the table, and spin into the air, I am frozen in place, and I feel time hold still. Then I notice that the shadow underneath the paper, being cast by the kitchen light, is shaped like a person. The shadow seems to carry the paper on it's head and vanish into the floor.

I begin screaming, because, you know; fuck that.

So, then things kick into full on Evil Dead territory, as the TV starts pumping the volume up, and down. TV Static is blaring, there are weird shadows on the ceiling, and I hear wind screaming outside as the weather kicks up.

I start feeling this intense sensation of raw dread coming from the back of the apartment, and I get this feeling that something has to do with the water I can hear running in the bathroom back there. Now, the bath used to leak, but this sounded like it was just running the bathwater.

I start calling out, because I am sure this is a prank of something, I start screaming out for my friends, demanding that they stop, that it isn't funny anymore. That I get it, I'm scared.

Then, The TV turns off.

The room got a little darker, then a little brighter.

and the wind kicked down.

Then I heard something like a car crashing into my front door, as the door swung open full force, leaving a dent in the wall it rant into, I ran to the door, in full adrenaline mode, I was thinking something like "okay, just yell at it, it'll go away, do something, anything, panic, fight it, eat it, something, do something". I ran to the door as fast as I could, I bolted as quickly as possible.

When I got to the door, nobody was there, and I didn't hear anyone running, I didn't hear any laughing, I didn't hear a thing.

I started screaming for someone to come out, for someone to just show up.

Nobody answered.

I sat back down on the futon in the front, the TV was turned back on, and I just sat there not knowing what to do.

Things stayed weird for a while after, shadows moving on the walls, that sense of dread from the back of the room, the water running. I heard nothing change, nothing else happened, I just sat there. I don't remember when I fell asleep, but I must have, because I woke up to the early morning block on Cartoon Network, and an empty house.

I was blamed for the dent in the wall, and the marks on the front of the door, that looked like two black handprints.

I'm 25 now, and I think about this a lot.

I have no explanation for it, and I have other stories about stuff that happened in the apartment. But this was the biggest thing.

I am really fucking happy I don't live there anymore.

If anyone is interested, I can say more stuff about what went down while I lived there, and some other stuff that happened when I was younger, ect. ect.

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