‘On the other foot’

‘On the other foot’

Criminologists have various terms for what I do, or more specifically, what I am. I’m not going to list them all here. You’ve heard those other names before and you read the title of this anonymous blog entry. I kill people without provocation. It’s not about rage or profit for me. It’s purely instinctual obsession driving my desire to kill. I do it because I enjoy the challenge. I stalk my prey and then plan their demise. I know I should feel bad about ending an innocent person’s life, but I do not. That makes me either a sociopath or a psychopath. I’m ok with either label. I have no nagging conscience.

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Like most of my brethren, I’ve kept track of my victims. In order for my murderous activities to have ‘meaning’, I keep a mental note of each one. The details inspire me to keep going with the body count. Following any recognizable patterns would get me caught. It’s the random nature of my methods that allows me the freedom to keep on with my homicidal passion. Stab one. Shoot one. Hang one. Burn one. Push this one off a cliff. Poison her. Deprive him of oxygen. The greater variation of methods, the less likely an investigator would ever connect me to the crimes.

Even then, I have to mix things up to cover the trail. It’s never been personal so I’m careful to seek victims from all walks of life. Race, age, social class, religion, gender, or profession aren’t factors at all in my decisions. Only opportunity and circumstances are. I’ve had a few ‘close calls’ and there have been hints that a few of my crimes have been connected by the authorities, but I keep going. I’m compelled to. Statistically, I recognize how much safer it would be to just stop ‘cold turkey’ since each new victim is another level of risk and loose end, but I don’t want to. I need the rush. That is, until a few hours ago.

I spotted an attractive young lady who seemed like a prime candidate. Ordinary I go out of my way to avoid beautiful women because they can be a distraction, but that too was becoming a pattern. Why should any circumstance or characteristic be avoided? To further broaden the range of my victims, it made sense to not exclude any group. I zeroed in on her. I did my regular research to avoid any investigation or leaving loose ends. She was alone. There was nothing I could find to ever tie me to her. We were random strangers with absolutely no connection. I introduced myself and struck up a flirty conversation. She was aloof at first but warmed to my banter soon enough.

It wasn’t long before she was hinted she wouldn’t mind getting to ‘know’ me better. I gotta admit. It was a huge ego boost. Just because I planned on killing her, doesn’t mean I wasn’t interested in some intimate activity beforehand. There’s no reason I couldn’t take some extra pleasure in my work, right? The two of us elected to go upstairs to my hotel room. It was a boon for me, since it gave me more control over what I planned to do afterward. She undressed and I followed suit. She got on top of me on the bed and we embraced in an electrifying kiss. To my surprise, ‘Erin’ wanted to be ‘on top’ and to tie me up with some silk scarves. I probably don’t need to tell you that being in full control is of paramount importance to any serial killer worth his weight in salt. That’s ‘how we roll’ but I was amused with the prospect of the tables being turned and completely smitten with her. In the end, I relented for the sake of new, kinky experiences. That was a big mistake!

After mounting me, she increased her lovemaking rhythm and ground her pelvis into mine. It was fantastic relinquishing control (at first) but then she leaned over and pulled out an extra scarf from her pocketbook at the foot of the bed. To my pulse-pounding horror, she tied it around my neck and started twisting with a ink pen like an assassin’s garrote. While slowly suffocating me, she confessed she was actually there to kill me! Me! Imagine my surprise. For once I let my guard down and look what it got me. Because I had been bewitched by a woman’s feminine charms, I’d allowed another serial killer to put the screw on me. The irony was rich.

I felt myself becoming light headed but remembered my preparedness training. Taped behind the bedpost beside my right wrist was a knife I’d placed there for easy access. It wasn’t easy but I managed to nick the edge of the scarf with the blade and then the binding came loose. From there I grabbed her, freed my other wrist and tied her up. In under three minutes, we had switched places and the assassin was now the prey. I’ve gotta tell you, being helpless on the other side of the killing scenario was a rush unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. She nearly had me.

As I type this, she’s spread-eagle on the bed and wide-eyed in terror; waiting for the hammer of doom to fall. Through her gag, she told me she’s dreamed of the day she might find a worthwhile companion like me to pursue a mutual life of murderous debauchery. Her big blue eyes are trying to seduce me again. Man they are compelling! I must confess that the idea does appeal to me. A female partner in crime would be awesome.

Now the fear has faded somewhat and she’s trying to get me to release her. Is it because she really wants a mutual murder spree with me, or is she just desperate to escape? What do you think, people? Please reply back. I’ll see your responses. What should I do? Tell me ASAP. I’m enjoying seeing her squirm but it seems impolite to leave her tied up too long. I should either kill her as originally planned or accept her offer.


Submitted May 14, 2019 at 04:20PM by OpinionatedIMO

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