Past Life Experience

Past Life Experience

Ever since I was a little I have been unable to swim. Countless lessons, different instructors, and assisting floats did nothing.

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In a way I should be grateful as it is probably a tactic to keep me out of deep water.

From a very young age I have constantly had the same nightmare. I am someone else in the middle of the ocean. Alone and scared, im screaming for help but no one can here me. Trying desparetly to find land I start to swim. That's when I see it .. a large pointed fin swimming in front of me. My stomach begins to tighten with dread. It's a shark, the biggest shark I have ever seen. Trying to stay quiet doesn't help, it suddenly turns for me. I try to swim away but I'm staying in place, screaming as I can feel it behind me. Then a crunch, it rips my leg clean off. I've never felt pain like it, it hurts to scream somehow. It circles back and takes the other leg. I can only wish it would end this pain. But it didn't, the shark left me there. It just left me there to bleed out drifting through the waves. In and out of consciousness, I see the fin again, all its teeth, screaming no noise coming out .. then everything went black ..

I wake up, pain in my legs and that same feeling of dread in my stomach

The dream never changes, I wake up the same way.

Still at 25yo, I cannot look at a picture of a shark without becoming breathless and terrified. It could all just be damage from the nightmares ..

But how else would you explain the marks on my legs, like they had been ripped off or the pain I still have in them everyday.

Something is trying to keep me out of the water and I can only be grateful.

Submitted May 27, 2019 at 04:05AM by Nicky241994