[Ritual] Feeling Bored? Well Then Let’s Play

[Ritual] Feeling Bored? Well Then Let’s Play

Perhaps it’s 12 in the morning and boredom has defeated you. Maybe you’d like a little bit of thrill. Let me help you swat that boredom away, but first, you need to adhere to the rules and follow my instructions. It fairly easy, to say the least. Let’s start with the rules.

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  • Do not skip any instructions. I will not tell you what will happen if you skip even one. If you do skip, you are on your own(also do tell me what happens when you skip one, if you don’t die).

  • Do not read into instructions. Do instructions as said. For example: Run back into the room and close the door. When you encounter this step, do not close the door immediately because I did not tell you to do so. Wait a second before closing the door.

  • Do not acknowledge the shadow following you unless told to do so. There will come a time when you will need to talk to it. Be respectful when you do. Refrain from looking or staring at anyone who is not invited in the room or in the halls. They are not real and are only there to observe what you are about to do.

  • (Optional) Pray before doing the ritual.


  • Two medium or large sized mirrors with stands. If you cannot find a stand then create a make shift one.

  • Your blood

  • A small knife

  • A pen

  • 3 sheets of paper

  • 3 rooms. 1 room must be your bedroom.

  • A hallway

  • A flashlight


  • At exactly 12 midnight, set up the mirrors behind the two doors of the two rooms. MKe sure that when you open the doors of the two rooms, you can see the mirrors without going inside the room. The two rooms must be facing each other and must be inside a hallway.

  • Write Past on one sheet of paper, Present on another, and Future on the last sheet.

  • Paste the Past paper on the left door with the mirror. The Future paper on the right door with the other mirror. The Present paper must be pasted on the door of your bedroom.

  • You should be finished by 12:30 am.


  • Use the flashlight through the entire ritual.

  • After setting up, go to your room and wait until 1 am.

  • At exactly 1 am, rush to the entrance of your house and open the door. Leave the door open and rush back to your room.

  • Grab your knife and make a small cut on your left arm.

  • Collect the blood and wipe it to the mirror in the Past room

  • Do the same with your right hand and with the Future room

  • Rush back to the open door and close it but do not lock it.

  • You can now see the shadow following you in your peripheral. If you cannot, do not attempt the ritual. Lock yourself in your room until sunrise. If you can, you may proceed.

  • Go back to your room and lock the door. Wait for 5 minutes before unlocking it. DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR YET. Wait another 5 minutes before opening the door and proceeding to the two doors with the mirrors. This will be called step 8.

  • Slowly walk to the Past door. If you feel that someone is watching you, have no fear, it is normal. If you do not. Repeat the previous step.

  • Open the Past door. If the door is locked, someone locked it. Repeat step 8. If it is not, you may proceed.

  • Look at your reflection at the mirror. If you have no reflection, CLOSE THE DOOR IMMEDIATELY. Leave the house and come back at exactly 7:00 in the morning. If you have a reflection, you may proceed. (Caution: DO NOT ENTER THE ROOM! TRUST ME, DON’T)

  • Before talking to your reflection, shout “We are now playing!” as loudly as you can.

  • Talk to the reflection. You are now talking to your past self. You have 5 minutes. (Caution: Do not speak about about the present or the future with your past self. It will ruin the ritual.)

  • Within those 5 minutes, do not acknowledge any other sound coming from the other end of the hallway. The ones making those sounds are not real.

  • Close the door when you are done. Face the Future door and open it. If it is locked, repeat step 8. If it isn’t, you may proceed. If you do not see your reflection, refer to step 8.

  • Before you talk to your future self, shout “We’re halfway there!”.

  • Talk to your future self for 5 minutes. Unlike your past self, you can say or wish anything.

  • When you are done, close the door and shout “We’re done now!”. Open the entrance door and go outside. Now in the event that your flashlight dies before you reach the entrance, you have done something wrong. I cannot help you in that situation.

  • Wait for about 10 minutes then go back inside, lock the door and open the lights. If the lights refuse to open. You have done something wrong. I cannot help you in that situation.


  • Go to sleep and when you wake up feeling different, have no fear, it only means that the ritual worked. (Caution: Do not clean up the mirrors, wait until you have slept before fixing everything.)

From my personal experience, it has worked every single time. Just follow these instructions and you’ll be fine, or at least, fine as you can be.

Oh and by the way, this ritual has no name. If you have ideas, feel free to share it with me.


Submitted June 11, 2018 at 11:15PM by MineSoCliche

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