Rivermill Pt.1

Rivermill Pt.1

Rivermill prison is located in a desolate piece of country not far from Gary, Indiana, so you get whackjobs from all over the place, you have the nuts from Indiana and you got the crazies from illinois, atleast It's not federal like over in Terre haute, no here at Rivermill it's just crazy country boys and a few gangbangers from the Gary and Chicago gangs. Now I haven't introduced myself yet my name is Earl James I been a inmate here at Rivermill for about, well shit I guess going on 13 years now, but right now this ain't bout me.

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Now don't let anybody fool you living in prison isn't all bad, I mean it's hell, yes but some of the hell's that boys in here come from are far worse than this hell has ever been. That was until Joey Gains. Some days around here are quiet some days are noisy the day Joey Gains showed up it had been quiet, but I'll never forget it, that bus rolling in watching from the small window my post in the kitchen at the time allowed me to have and you could feel it, the bad juju that was rolling in with that bus it stirred something up in that prison, and I don't mean stirred up the boys personally I mean it threw the whole balance of the prison off. Joey Gains walked through those doors and hell became real it became this prison.

I've never been a huge believer in the paranormal but let me tell you, something followed that boy in here and whatever it was liked it so much it decided to stay. I'm sure all of you are wondering why I'm writing this, why all of a sudden do I wanna talk right now, write it all down, to be honest I really don't know I guess I feel that I should. You see Joey Gains is sitting in the bunk right above me right now, it was just about 3 weeks ago he arrived and I'm scared to death of him. The others aren't so much yet though, actually the place is quite taken with him. However they don't hear the whispers in his sleep, they don't see the look in his eyes sometimes when he is sitting on his bunk staring at the wall for 2 hours almost never blinking, and for some reason they don't hear the screaming woman or the baby crying, and they don't see the blood on the walls and the floors following Joey wherever he goes. They don't see the black winged cat that rides his shoulder and lies on his chest as he sleeps speaking in gibberish.

So much has happened these past 3 weeks already and I know it's not over, hell I don't even know what the guy is in here for. He does talk though not often too me but he has gathered a few guys who for some reason follow him around and he doesn't seem to mind. I thought though I seen him 2 days ago in the back of pantry B in the kitchen holding Paulie by the neck and speaking to him in another language, I didn't stay to watch, i moved to the station I was supposed to be at and when they walked out they went right by me seemingly fine again, hell they were laughing at some sort of joke and both said hi Earl as they walked by. I guess what happened this morning scared me a little more than usual, it's probably why I have decided to keep this record now that I think on it.

This morning I woke up a little earlier than usual and had to….well I had to use the bathroom real bad I didn't even notice Joey on the top bunk till I was sit down and situated, scared the shit out of me (literally) so bad I jumped. He just sat there staring for a minute then slowly his head started to turn my way, as his head turned his eyes grew wide and the blank stare turned into a long outstretched face due to the freakishly terrifying smile that grew wider as his face turned to stare directly at me. Then in the most horrifying high pitched voice I've ever heard he spoke, "you killed your fucking daughter Earl that deserves a shiny gold star, look I have one", and then he opened his mouth wide but still holding that damn smile and from it he pulled a shiny gold star necklace and my mouth dropped, my world crumbled, it was hers it was Anna's necklace, my little girl.

How in that fuck did you get that, what the fuck are you? I kept screaming and crying at the same time I knew the guards would come I needed out of here away from him. Joey kept talking in that horrible high voice, laughing "you fucking killed her and then your dumb ass wife too you miserable piece of shit, you can't even be a prisoner correctly, and I will kill you before 15 years is up", all of a sudden the guards were there I was still crying and sobbing telling them what he was doing telling them to look at him, but he was sleeping and just starting to rise due to the guards barging in. "What's going on" Joey said as he rubbed his eyes, the guards looked around at us both me trying to control my breaths that were coming very fast now. "I swear to God stop crying over nightmares Earl what'd ya do fall asleep on the shitter" the tall guard Evan I think is his name is who spoke and they both laughed as they walked out and locked me back up with him.

Joey who was now back to sleep but now on his side facing me with a huge smile back in his face. Now as I write this a normal day passed like this morning never happend I can hear Joey above me now snoring I'm getting tired as well, I'm also very scared, I have to find someone who will listen to me about this man or whatever he is,…….there was a creak in the bed above me just now I can feel him awake and eventhough it should be impossible without me seeing him I think he is watching me right now, I have a feeling he is reading this right now actually somehow, I don't know maybe I'm just tired let's hope this stops and I don't have to keep this little record of mine up but if I do keep it up I have pen and paper ready, nothing but time in here.

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