Rivermill Pt.2

Rivermill Pt.2

Earl here, so Joey's acting like 2 different people, but he isn't the worst cell mate he sleeps mostly. When your stuck in a box with someone everyday with limited time to yourself, every second not wanting to kill one another is heaven. Now when I say Joey's been acting like 2 different people I mean one of those people don't seem bad just him, just quiet. The other person he can be however is something I don't want to try to define I think.

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The morning after the incident with the guards and Joey pulling that necklace from his mouth (which showed up in my pocket that morning also) we went about our business as usual with Joey not saying much and looking a little sick. I didn't care about Joey though not right now anyway. As we were let out of our cell that morning we went our separate ways, having different work posts and all. Halfway to the laundry room where I was gonna try to get out of dry detail for wash detail so I could sit down for most of the day because my back was killing me after the night's events, I heard something impossible. A whistling.

A whistling only I would have known, it was Anna's song the song she made up when we got tired of her only whistling 3 blind mice constantly. It was somewhere ahead of me and then I heard it behind me I turned halfway expecting to see Joey standing there with that smile on his face but no it was her, my little girl, only… it wasn't. Her little body misshapen, her head tilting to the side far to much, that smile much like Joey's encased me in fear, but her eyes, those were my Anna's eyes. Her devilish smile faded as she suddenly sprung forward skipping towards me far far too fast for a girl her size, I realized I was crying sobbing my eyes out but I couldn't stop staring at her eyes they were all that was left of her.

She was so close now right in my face head still cocked far to the right like it was broken and stuck….my God her legs were so crooked I don't know how she stood. The smile returned spreading across her whole face until she looked even less human then she already did. She opened her mouth like she was going to say something, but she only screamed, screamed like I've never heard anyone scream. The sound pierced my ears like someone had taken a knife and shoved it through one ear and out the other. Then there was only light from somewhere, and then just darkness.

I woke up in the med wing with the worst head ache I've ever had, and a desire to not be in the med wing any longer. As soon as I was trying to sit up however, our lovely local Rivermill nurse Patty was already hovering over me telling me to lay back down. " You would think all of you would want to stay here a night or two every now and then, have a little privacy some quiet, conversation with me a live woman, but no yall wanna leave as soon as possible, I mean where yall gotta be"? She was annoying beyond all means.

"As much as I love the company of a woman I would like to eat and then go to sleep in my bunk". As I said that though I remembered Joey and all of a sudden a night in the med wing sounded ok. Nurse patty looked at me with her serious face as she told me I hit my head pretty good when I fell in the hall, and when they found me I was sort of having a seizure yelling all sorts of stuff. I asked if she knew what I was yelling she said mostly nonsense but every now and then I'd say clear as day "who wants ice cream". When she told me that I knew I was staying in the med wing that night cuz I bout passed out hearing those words said to me.

Nurse patty got me comfortable brought me food, hell I only seen one guard one time while I was there it was amazing to be quite honest. But those words who wants ice cream still hung in my head. Those was the last words I said to her, that's the last thing I remember….such an odd thing to remember. I didn't dream that night I slept mostly well but my chest was very heavy and sore the next morning like someone pounded on it all night. Hell it was hard to breath all day thanks to that feeling.

They let me skip work earlier also since I spent the night in the med wing so that was something. My whole body felt terrible i just wanted to lay in my bunk and sleep more maybe write, and that's when I ran into Jacky Freeman local prison boss or so he thinks. Jacky's always had a problem with me ever since I got here, he was here bout 3 or 4 years before me and still here, Jacky is never getting out. He killed his little brother and father because he said they annoyed him, his mother only got away cuz she ran to a neighbor's house to call 911 while he was stabbing his father 67 times with a series of writing utincels.

"Looky here boys, its Earlie Jim looking refreshed after a night in med wing, I heard that ice cream shit you were spouting you fucking moron I'm the one who found you shaking like a bitch sprawled on the floor screaming about ice cream". Jacky was walking closer to him his boys Malcom and Benny on either side, I decided to take this like a man maybe get another night with nurse patty, she was right life's better in there. But that's when I saw the life leave Jacky's eyes like someone had just ripped is heart away and had someone pull the light right out of him, then Malcom dropped, and then Benny all at once. I didn't know what I was seeing until I saw him 20 feet away staring from a corner beside a janitors closet, his eyes looked like they were only black in that second and then he dropped too, I ran.

They found all 4 about 10 mins later I was already in my cell when the alarm rang, atleast I knew I'd be alone for a little while. However not long enough, Joey returned about 2 hours after the alarm had stopped looking tired and sick again. I tried talking to him asking what had went on but all he would say was the others might be dead and he just wanted to sleep. He looked 10 years older then he did last night when I saw him in a certain light, it was strange but I felt bad for how rundown he looked so I just let him sleep, I'll get answers later.

So now I'm sitting here writing this and something strange has happened. While trying to use the little bit of light entering our tiny door window from the hall I've positioned myself facing the other way and I can see him laying there head cocked to the side slightly off his bunk staring right at me eyes open but I could tell it wasn't Joey that was looking through them. I'm staring into those eyes as I write this. I can see his smile seemingly in a state of infinite length, I can hear his raspy breath I can feel it getting colder. There is screaming from outside now….his smile is still there those eyes upon me….more screaming. I'm going to stop writing for the night the screaming is liable to bring guards to search hopefully they will maybe it will wipe that smile off Joey's face its freaking me out.

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