Salt water

Salt water

-tiki drink

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The water sloshed against my ankles as a stared out at the vast sea, my chair began to rock back and forth with the waves and filled me with a sense of calm, but I knew I had to retreat for the water would swallow me if I don't get to high ground.

I walked through the water on the slightly flooded balcony and opened the door to find my boat, docked and ready for use. I got in my kanno and let the soft waves carry me through the halls and to the stairs, where I let my boat on to land and began to walk up the long stairwell.

Even though I had started on the 4th floor, I had to walk up another 10 sets of stairs to get above what is usually sea level. I despised the walk but it's what I had to do to feel safe.

I entered my room to find a mouse eating the little bit of food I had left and dropping the unwanted crumbs of the graham cracker to the bumpy wooden floor. I quickly darted towards the helpless mouse and gripped the fucker before he could move another inch. I wondered if I should kill him first before I threw him into the calm but rising sea. I figured he may be able to swim back to the building if I gave him the chance, so I crushed him in my palm with a white knuckle grip and waited until he stopping Shrieking and twitching. I walked over to my window and opened it, ready to drop the dead mouse out into the blue, when I had an idea.

I grabbed a plastic bag from the ricity drawer and put the fresh dead mouse inside. walking back to the window, i started to pull a rope from the deep sea. After pulling for around 4 minute's I retrieved the ice cold sealed bucked and set it on the counter. I opened up the lazy layered plastic wrap and set the bagged mouse on top of a hunk of the last unlucky visitor who fell for my large “FRIENDLY” sign that I had painted on the building long ago, before the vast blue sea covered the supermarket. I carefully re-sealed the goods and lowered the bucket into the cold depths.

I stared out again at the setting sun, “I should sleep” I thought while undressing. “Today was good, tomorrow will be better” I told myself as I drifted off into sleep, my own ocean carrying me away to an unknown land, a better land.

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