Small world at disney is not as nice as it seems

Small world at disney is not as nice as it seems

Last year in may, my dad and his girlfriend decided to take us to disneyland, for my 17th birthday. It was a childhood dream, so i cried , big happy tears. Little did i know that what i was about to go through, wasn't as fun. We got there, and the first ride was small world, ofcourse. Something every child had to see, i thought. It maybe is nice for kids, but people my age, could understand the great horror i had to go through.

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We sat down in a boat. With 2 other families. The first round was amazing. Again, i cried. Becsude of the major childhood dream that came true. We asked to go again. It was about to close, but they were willing to let us go through it one more time. The lady smiled at us. Well.. smiling… it was more like a weird sinister smirk. The ride started to go again, and the lady waved at us, slowly, while keeping the smirk..

It was hell. All the dolls were placed somewhere else. Not at their own country. But this swedish doll ( i think she was from sweden, could be dutch ) Kept coming back . She was everywhere . The dolls weren't moving like they usually do. They were shaking their heads, while one arm was pointing towards us. The song played, it just was horrible. It was scary. But this isn't the worst part.

We got out , and the lady was still waving at the entrance. She worked at disney, i assume. She was wearing her uniform. We quickly went to the hotel , and i went to one of the workers, to tell about this woman. Her namepatch said : Samira willington. They said there wasn't anyone working there with that name. I said that she was there. And that they maybe had to send security. She seemed weird.. very weird.

The next day at disneyland. We walked past smallworld. Samira wasn't there. I walked up to the worked, and asked for samira. He didn't know anyone with that name.

We had some normal days at the park. It was fun, until i went in the tower of terror , alone. It was evening again. And we would leave the next day. I was the last ride again. I sat down, not knowing it would get so creepy again. I heard someone humming softly. I knew the song… " it's a small world after all" I saw samira. Sitting next to me. Still humming. I got goosebumps all over my body. I screamed that i wanted to get out. They let me out.

I get goosebumps again as i'm writing this. I hear the song in my head non stop. Please, i beg you. Don't let your kids, or yourself " enjoy " this ride. Please.

I just realized something. My heart is pounding in my chest.. i'm going to find a therapist right after this.

Samira willington Small world

I could be crazy. I could imagine this. But it creeps me out. I believe small world is more than just a ride. Please, be careful.

Submitted April 16, 2019 at 07:24AM by AllisonDrake666

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