Some kind of hell

Some kind of hell

I wake up, in a cold sweat, it feels like I'm crying but it's not hot. On the contrary it's cold I look around a wooden room with a single chair in the middle of the room, upon further examination the chair is attached to the floor no nails might be glued. Out of the darkness I see a door out of the corner of my eye I approach it cautiously open it to what looks like a circular room with a hole through the ceiling, light beaming down illuminating 5 doors. The door I entered through has disappeared, after a quick quarrel with myself I decided to walk through one of the doors instead of waiting around for nothing. I walk through the first….it's the first room with a nun in the chair? Now I've never been religious but nuns give me the creeps no matter what I mutter a whispered "hello?" Nothing I let out a louder "Hello are you alright ma'am?" That got her attention, she turns and rises from her seat,it's a bit of an old woman 50 to 60 years old "ma'am do you know where we are?" She begins to approach me but I jump back when I see her face beginning to turn more and more decrepit then starts to decompose "WHAT THE FUCK" I run for the door but it's been locked, her face is losing all skin and she begins to tumble. She hits the floor and turns into dust and ash, the draft of her remains opens the door I run out and slam the door shut collapsing to the ground speechless and having a panic attack. Superstition, urban legends, fairytales fuck that what I just saw was something out of a Wes craven movie or something I catch my breath, I collect myself together and get up, if I'm ever to get out of this fantasy hell I'll have to enter another door I decide to play eni meni mini mo. I pick the door to the right of me as I walk in I see a metal room appears like a meat locker with hooks covered in blood hanging from the ceiling while walking through the room I felt my feet sinking an indentation on the ground when I go to look there is no floor….matter of fact there's no room!! I'm in a purgatory white plain with dead bodies all over the floor and a skin like material bleached white strapping them down. I am remaining calm as I try to figure out what's going on, the bodies open their eyes screaming at me "why did this happen to me!?!?" Each one louder than the last then they start grabbing my legs I see a lone door across the way I fight back running and tripping as I stomp over these people I want to feel bad but I can't as the only emotion I feel is dread. I charge through the door like a football receiver running for the touchdown I slam and block the door with my body. I step away and see someone in the room of doors "hello john".

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To be continued…

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