Stealthy Predator

Stealthy Predator

It was Friday. I was sitting in my bed, reading a novel, late at night. I had the music playing on my laptop to create a relaxing atmosphere. I was engrossed in my reading then all of a sudden, I heard a noise in the next room. I closed my book and I started to focus on the source of the noise. Silence. Because of the music from my computer I couldn't hear very well, but I assumed it was a normal house creaking. I went back to my reading.

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A few minutes later, I heard the sound again. This time louder. As if someone were to take two quick steps in the adjacent room. I closed my book and I abruptly turned toward the door of my room, closed. I live alone, no one else than me is supposed to be in my house. I stopped the music from my computer immediately to concentrate on the ambient noise. Silence. I stayed in my bed a good 5 minutes, still. I heard only the silence of the House then I stood up. I laid my hand on the door handle, but I hesitated a moment.

"Am I ready to confront an intruder"?

I imagined some possible scenarios and I opened the door. I rushed into the kitchen, ready to fight. Silence. Nothing or no one was in the room. I glanced to the other rooms of the house and I checked that all the doors were locked. I looked at the clock in the kitchen, it was already past midnight. It was time that I go to sleep. I concluded that the origin of the noise was due to my imagination and fatigue accumulated of the week.

I turned off all the lights and then I layed on my bed, still a bit scared. I finally managed to relax thanks to the steady pace of the clock in the kitchen. Toc, Toc.

"I guess it was just my imagination".

Toc, Toc-tap(sound of footstep)

My eyes have opened on this noise. I was not dreaming. Someone or something was moving into the House and tried to drown out the noise over the Toc of the clock. I began to believe in a supernatural event. I assured, just before, I was home alone and that the doors were locked. I was paralyzed by fear.

Toc, Toc, To-tap

Completely still and silent, the noise seemed to get closer to the door of my room, always on the pace of the Toc of the clock. The last step, in front of my door, still paralyzed with terror, was too close to my taste. I was caught by panic and I jumped out of my bed. My breathing was fast and my heart was beating too loudly. I could continue to hear the sounds of the stealthy footsteps in the other room. I put my hand on the handle of my door. Again, I imagined the possible scenarios before opening, this time including the possibility to cross a paranormal entity. While I was turning the handle, I heard something here at breakneck speed, several fast steps, flipping what stood in its way. I walked into the kitchen and I opened all the lights. A chair had been knocked down and some papers have fallen on the ground. I searched everywhere for an explanation, but I was alone. I phoned a friend who, luckily, agreed that I spend the night at her house that night and I could sleep.

2nd night:

I went to bed early in order to be on alert if something would happen before I fell asleep. I was starting to doze, then I heard the Toc, Toc of my clock. The memory of the noises of footsteps were associated with the clock, so I didn't want to hear it. I immediately got up and I removed the batteries of the clock. I went back to bed and the house was in total silence. Not a sound. Nothing happened that night as well as the subsequent nights.

During the week, my friend came to visit me to catch up. We have agreed that I probably had a bad dream the other night. However, the presence reappeared that night, after her visit.

It was a perfectly silent night. I still haven't reinstalled the clock to avoid reproducing the sounds of Toc that I was now afraid of. I felt asleep.

I was awakened by surprise by a ringing phone. I immediately recognized my friend’s phone ring.


"She must have forgot her phone during her visit earlier".


I got up and I turned the handle of my door. I realized that the handle offered resistance, as if someone was holding it on the other side, then the door slammed violently on me, making me fall down.


As I looked, the shadow of a man stood in front of me. The shadow was pitch black, pretty curved back and, surprisingly, completely still. As I was about to get up, the phone rang one last time.


The shadow reacted to the ringing and with phenomenal speed, threw itself on me. Its cold hands clutching my shoulders, its movement were spasmodic and strange. His eyes were empty orbits, he had a smooth head without hair. Its mouth stretched enough so that a human head could enter. I was resigned to be devoured by this creature. I was not struggling and I closed my eyelids. I was silently waiting for death. In fact, nothing happened for what I imagine were hours. I felt the creature grip slowly weakened. I dared not open my eyes before a while.

I opened my eyes. All I've seen is the remains of the shadow dissipate in the dark. I was left alone in the silent darkness of the night.

Submitted July 14, 2018 at 07:57PM by empty_maelstrom

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