The Christmas Lights

The Christmas Lights

One of the oldest traditions for this time of year is Christmas lights. It started in Germany in the 18th century, People would use candles glued with wax to tree limbs, representing that Christ was the light of the world and as most good things it spread like wildfire. What if I told you that’s not true, I mean the lights did start back in Germany but that bit about Christ was made up overtime to hide the truth.

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It had been a horrible year for me and I wasn’t feeling the Christmas spirit. I just couldn’t bring myself to put up a tree or hang lights for that matter. My neighbors asked me to at least put up one strand of lights, I refused if they wanted to be all holly jolly that was there business but they needed to stay out of mine. I had even gotten a letter in my mail box pleading with me to be festive. The letter said that my house was the only house in the neighborhood that wasn’t celebrating this joyous time of year that is Christmas. I took the letter and threw it in the trash. I did go to the attic and get my box of lights and brought them down to living room ,that was as far as they got though because by god if I wanted to sit this Christmas out that was my choice. I would come to regret this decision.

It was the week before Christmas and I had just got done with supper which consisted of a turkey sandwich and a half pint of bourbon. I had decided to call it a night and on my way to bed I took a look out the window at all the brightly lit homes. They really were beautiful and I was starting to feel like a Scrooge, when I saw them. They were small creatures, I first thought they were children but who in there right mind would let their kids out at this time of night. I noticed something odd, instead of gazing at the brightly lit homes they were looking right at me. A chill shivered down my spine and I turned and headed for bed.

I couldn’t get the image of those things out of my head, someone must have been pranking me for not decorating. They were short , pudgy, and wearing red and green clothes , those prick neighbors of my mine were just trying to get there poi…. This thought was interrupted by a loud crash coming from the kitchen. I grabbed my Glock and made my way to the kitchen. As I turned the light on in the kitchen , I found my window shattered. I went in for a closer look but as I got to the shattered window a sharp pain in my leg caused me to stubble. To my horror I had a bloody bite mark just above my ankle. Confused I stood up when the creature stepped into view, it was hideous with its scared face and razor sharp teeth, it’s hands were huge for its short frame with long claws instead of finger nails. It lunged at me , I dodged the attack and I made a run for the door.

I grabbed the knob and shoved but it wouldn’t move, then I heard cackling on the other side of the door, the other little bastards were holding the door shut. My god how many were there? What were they…elves? Just then a horrible pain in my thigh snapped me back in reality, the elf had jammed a peeling knife in my thigh and began to twist and cackled with joy as I screamed in pain. It hit me like a ton of bricks my pistol, I reached into my robe pocket and with one quick motion put a 9mm slug in that little bastard’s skull, it fell limp. I turned and fired through the door bang bang bang bang. I was finally able to push through the door but my victory was short lived as they were waiting for me and pounced as I made my way towards my neighbors house. I fought through them and fought like hell I did as they bit and clawed at me and one had even gotten on my back and had sunk it’s teeth into my shoulder. Between the blood loss and the bitter cold I was starting to lose this fight and I knew it was the end. I fell onto my neighbors porch and as I did the elves screamed in pain and and loosened there hold on me. I then realize they had backed off to the very edge of the Christmas lights reaches glaring at me, I passed out I woke up in the hospital two days later. I told the police someone had broken in and tried to kill me, I mean come on who would believe I was Attacked by elves. One of the police officers said “ You know it’s a shame but every year around this time so many homicides happen that never get solved, you are lucky.” That’s when I started doing my research. 

Like I said in the beginning traditional meanings change over time to cover truths or people just quit believing in the true origins. As a matter of fact did you know that Christmas lights were once called fairy light ….I wonder why? Elves and lights are apart of Christmas, I mean the belief in “Santa’s” elves had to start somewhere and the lights those wonderful life saving lights had nothing to do with the meaning of Christ, they drive back those evil little bastards from doing there evil little plans.

Merry Christmas and remember hang your Christmas lights or you may get a visit from Santa’s little helpers.

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