The dark day

The dark day

I woke up one sunday and it was very dark so i tought i just woke up at night but when i looked at the time and it was 10 am. I wondered why it was so dark. I went to my parents room but they werent there. I played video games untill it was about 3 pm and i then i decided to go outside. When i did i realised that there wasnt any light in any of the buildings. Every shop was closed and it looked like there was no one home in any house or building. I went to the park but on my way there i saw no cars or people. When i was there i walked around and finaly saw a person walking. I asked him why is it so dark today but he didnt stop or even notice me. I walked around more and i saw a few more people that also were just walking and didnt seem to notice me. I eventually got to the towns grave yard because its right next to the park (the park is a few sqare km btw) and i saw a saw a small building with light inside. When i walked closer to it i realised its a gravestone shop. It creeped me out that this was the only opened store so i decided to go home. On the way there i saw my friend walking his dog and i said hi to him but he didnt respond. His dog wich usualy plays with me and licks my face didnt notice me. At this point i was very confused so went home and played more games untill it was night and i went to sleep. The next day i woke up and realised i will be late to school but when i started getting ready to go my mom asked me: What are you doing? Its sunday.

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Maybe it was all a dream but maybe something unexplainable happened….

Submitted January 13, 2019 at 05:51AM by DeaDHris2018

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