The HellHunter torture tape

The HellHunter torture tape

One day I was watching TV and my brother came with a happy face. He was all dirty and smelly and a little bit sweaty.

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I asked him "What happened to you?" He was just silence and taking his breath.

He replied "I found a horror video tape called HellHunter". Then I said "Oh HellHunter! My friends all wanted that tape but it costs $60. None of them had the money to afford it. How do you manage to afford it?"

Me and my brother loves horror movies and horror stories. It's just our thing together. We like to scare each other when it's the right time to while watching horror films. It was a really fun thing to do when I'm not busy, especially we watch these movies at night and we even play horror games. I don't know why but horror things just interest us including exploring abandoned places. We will try to find it soon.

My brother replied "I found it near our pile of trash outside. It was really weird since it was isolated from from the pile of trash and it's even untouched! But it is dirty. I grabbed it because it had the title "HeLlhUntEr" on there. It took me a long time to figure out that it wrote "HellHunter".

I told him "Maybe it is just a fake HellHunter movie. Who would give you an expensive tape? You've been a jerk to everyone even my girlfriend."

He replied "So… It's fun plus your girlfriend is lame. I would find a better girlfriend than that."

I replied "Who would even wants to be your girlfriend? Your a douchebag. Anyways go take a shower, you smells like expired milk. After you're done we'll try to put it in.

I like to criticize him because he mostly acts like a total piece of shit. He always acts like a douche in front of my friends too. This guy can never keeps his mouth shut. But I like to hangout with him whenever a horror movie came out.

Several minutes later, after he was done with his shower, we put in the tape. At first it looked so bloody but after the introduction the picture became black. A few minutes of blackness, the picture became gory. It looks like someone is torturing a woman who is pregnant. The torture dressed in the HellHunter suit. It looked like he was trying to get the child out of the woman by strong force. I was so sick after that so I destroyed the tape. My brother almost puked after that clip. Then my brother got up

He said "That looks like a real life horror movie. The torture, the screams, the laughter, the suit and especially the disturbing creepy music.

I agreed with him. Someone is turning HellHunter into real life torture. Me and my brother never forget that moment. My brother didn't want any nightmare so he wanted to share a room with me for the night. Honestly, I was really scared after that clip. I told him it's ok. At midnight I heard creaks from the backdoor. I woke my brother up and said "Someone came into our house". My brother told me to chill out and it was just the wind. Later I heard footsteps coming up the stairs. I grabbed my phone and my brother and pulled him into the closet. After that I called 911. I told the operator to send officers immediately. I told my brother to be quiet too. The operator said that the officer will be there in 10 minutes. I sat there quiet. Then my bedroom door just opened. I saw the HellHunter man. The one who tortured that poor woman. My brother kept on whispering "God save us please". He then walked up to my bed and sat on it.

He keeps on saying "Where are you hiding? You know I'm gonna find you". After hearing that for 5 minutes, the officers arrived. They quickly came into my room and arrested the am. They took off the mask. Then they told me he was a wanted criminal. The officers took him away. Before they took him, his last words were "You will pay for destroying the tape". I never forget those words. I never told anyone too. I never saw him again. Also he found my house because there was a hidden tracking device on the tape.

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