The Luna Park Sydney Ghost Train Fire Of 1979

The Luna Park Sydney Ghost Train Fire Of 1979

On June 9th, 1979, an amusement park in Sydney, Australia would face a terror no one could’ve imagined. A fire began in a ride called the Ghost Train, and by the end of the fire 7 people were found dead. John Godson, his two sons Damien and Craig, as well as 4 college friends Richard Carroll, Micheal Johnson, Jonathon Billings, and Seamus Rahilly. The fire began at 10:15 pm and by 11:30 pm the bodies had been discovered. The fire was assumed to be caused by electrical issues or arson, but in reality no one knew the actual terror that ended the lives of the innocent. The Ghost Train itself opened at Luna Park Sydney in October of 1935. It remained relatively popular at the park and was able to compete with the Big Dipper coaster within it’s proximity. Another fact of the ghost train was that it was not well equipped to handle situations with fire. Even in 1977, a design consultant warned the operators of the park that the ride needed a sprinkler system. This warning was not heeded. We will now flash forward to that day in 1979, the day of the fire. John Godson, a busy man who was a husband and a father of two, was finally going to follow his wife Jenny’s advice and spend some time with his sons. He woke up a bit late at 12:00 pm , ready to take on the day. His thoughts filled with cries he’d heard from his children the night before.

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“Mum! Dad’s taking us to Luna Park!” Damian shouted to his mother

“Dad! Dad! Dad! How much longer till we go?!” Craig asked

“We’re not going till tomorrow son, save your energy till then” John laughed, ruffling his boy’s hair

Back in the present, John walked into the room his son’s shared and smiled. They looked so peaceful when they slept, they were his pride and joy. He didn’t know what he would do if anything ever happened to them.

“Rise and shine boys! It’s time to get going! Get ready!” He smiled

“Awww c’mon dad it’s so early!” Craig whined

“Yeah dad!” Damian frowned

The brothers got out of bed, quickly putting on some fresh clothes and brushing their teeth in the bathroom. They rushed downstairs and sat at the table, cereal sitting in front of them. Their mother always made them the same thing for breakfast, so this was not unusual to them.

“Are you boys excited to go to Luna Park with daddy?” Their mother giggled to herself, cleaning some dishes

“Yeah yeah! I wanna ride the Big Dipper!” Damian chuckled

“Me too!” Craig grinned

They finished their breakfast quickly and gave their mother their bowls, dashing to the living room. Their father sat in his big easy chair, reading the paper. He could feel the presence of his bubbly sons, making him put his paper down.

“I suppose you boys are ready to go then?” John asked

“Yes yes yes!” They shouted in unison

John closed the paper and sat it on a table next to his chair. He would finish it later, he’d done it before. Making his way into the kitchen he kissed Jenny. She kissed him back.

“Be careful, hun. I’ll probably be playing bingo at Rachel’s, so don’t be shocked if I’m not home” she said

“You better come back a winner or I won’t let you in” he teased

She giggled and hugged him before he split off from her and walked to the front door. Damian and Craig were already there and anxious to leave. He pushed the door open and they flew out of it, getting into the car a few moments later. He was soon in the drivers seat. With a turn of the key in the ignition and a rumble of the engine, he pulled out of the driveway and sped off. They only lived about half an hour from the park, so they got there in relatively quick speed. The three filed into the park, and had a relatively simple time till about 6:15 pm. John would make a decision that would change his entire life.

“Boys, we’ll have to take a small break. Mum and I want a few pictures of you all for the scrap book.” John said, pulling a camera out

“Awww come on dad!” Craig whined

“No complaints, I won’t take that many.” He assured them “How about one with a wandering costumed person?” He suggested

“Fine fine…” Damien groaned

They were standing in an area near the Big Dipper, and in front of that was the Ghost Train. John’s eyes darted around for a costumed person he spoke of. His eyes led to a very strange looking man. The man was probably 6’3”, with a prominent six pack of abs. He was seemingly dressed as a shaman or medicine man. This was indicated by a rather frightening looking white bull mask with large horns, black hair, and deep black eyes. John approached the man, who stopped and turned to him.

“Oi mate, you mind taking a photo with my kids? The misses was asking for a picture of the trip so I figured I may as well get it here.” John explained

“Sure thing…” the masked man answered in a deep gruff voice.

The two boys somewhat reluctantly approached the figure, who looked down at them with his lifeless eyes. John stepped back, telling the boys to smile. They did so, and he took the picture . After having done so he went to the imposing fellow, shaking his hand and thanking him. However, the man stopped him before he looked to Craig and Damien.

“You’ll need to get this picture developed, right?” The man asked, his voice as eery as ever

“Oh, yes I will” John nodded

“Allow me… There is a red room in one of the maintenance buildings. Do you mind if I take one of your boys, so they can make sure the picture looks right?” He tilted his head

“Oh, thank you! Yes, I would very much appreciate that. Craig, why don’t you go with this nice man?” He turned to his son

“D-Dad I’d rather-“

“Craig, please. It won’t take long, right sir?”

“Not at all, 10 minutes at the most”

“Fantastic, go on Craig”

The boy gulped quietly, walking along with the employee behind the Ghost Train building. After a minute they arrived to the maintenance building. It wasn’t very large at all, maybe the size of a gas station. He opened the door and they walked in. The room was absolutely terrifying. There was a massive pentagram in the middle on the floor, seemingly painted in blood. The room reeked of the metallic smell the red substance gave off, but also of fear and…intercourse. The walls were made of rough stone, and were covered in various stains. Before Craig could react the man grabbed him by the throat and lifted him up in the air, staring at him.

“I am the demon Moloch… and you are going to assist in satiating my need… for the misery of children…” he growled, his fingers digging deep

“D-DAAAAADDDD!!!” The boy screamed, however this only made Moloch grip harder

“Shut your mouth boy… don’t you dare yell for your father…”

Moloch walked to the middle of the room with Craig in his grasp, before dropping him onto the pentagram. The young man shivered in fear as his back ached in pain. He had never been more afraid in his life.

“Discard your clothing boy…” The demon man demanded

“W-Why….?” Craig asked

“TAKE OFF YOUR CLOTHES!!!” He shouted angrily

Craig began crying as he pulled off his shirt, his jeans, socks, shoes, and finally his underwear. Moloch only had a loin cloth to remove. He quickly mounted the small boy, who cried in pain as he was sexually violated. His rape seemed to go on for hours, but couldn’t have been longer than a few minutes before the demon finished and pulled away from him.

“Get up… get your clothes back on…” he quietly demanded

Craig continued to cry as he complied. He was soon fully clothed once more, and a moment later a photograph appeared in his hand. It was the one Moloch had promised his father he would develop, and where it came from he had no clue.

“You give that to your father… and if you tell him what happened to you… I will kill your entire family and you as well…” Moloch said, his voice sincere and deep

The boy nodded and walked out of the room into the sunlight, being followed by the demon. He soon met up again with his father and brother, who were sitting on a bench.

“Ah! So you got the photo! Thank you very much!” John smiled, standing up and shaking the costumed man’s hand

“It was no problem… have a lovely rest of the day at the park…” he grunted, walking off and soon morphing into the crowd

For the next 4 hours Craig seemed distant, and less excited than before. John took notice, but didn’t say anything at first. Eventually it was 10:10 pm, and time for the last ride before the family would go home.

Damien chose the Ghost Train, much to Craig’s opposition. The three walked into the dark ride building and sat in one of the train cars. A group of 4 college kids sat in the one behind them, being rough and rowdy. Soon the ride started, and the train followed the track through the large building full of cruddy props of monsters and ghosts. At 10:14, John decided to ask Craig what was troubling him.

“Craig… what’s wrong? You’ve felt a bit off for the past few hours…” John said, pulling the boy close to him

“D-Dad… I….I…” he stuttered

“What is it…?”

“W-When I went with the m-man to get the p-photo… he…. got top of me and put something in my butt…” Craig cried

“WHAT?!” John shouted in disbelief and anger.

Suddenly the air felt warm. No… it felt sweltering. Craig looked to his right, and standing behind a choppy skeleton animatronic was Moloch. The whole room then went up in flames slowly. Screams filled the air as black smoke gushed out of the burning building. People rushed to the exits, filing out of the front of the ride building in terror. However… John, Craig, and Damian couldn’t find any exit doors. The 4 college boys could not either. The flames then enveloped the 7 people, screams coming from them as their flesh burned off their bones. As they died they would witness Moloch bellowing a deep cackle, pointing at their dying bodies and relishing in the absolute suffering of the two young boys.

The fire was put out by 11:30, and the police immediately began investigating the charred remains of the building. They would find 7 charred corpses, 1 adult male, 4 teenage males, and 2 young boys. The coroners office identified the adult and boys as John, Craig, and Damien Johnson. The 4 students were identified as Richard Carroll, Micheal Johnson, Jonathon Billings, and Seamus Rahilly. The fire was ruled as being inconclusive in cause. In 1995 a bench was created and a tree made. The bench was lost in 2003 during renovations and couldn’t be found. However some debate this. One such person was Vincent Halm, a employee who was hired the year the bench was lost. He approached his supervisor when the maintenance team deduced they couldn’t find the bench.

“Sir… I think I’ve seen the bench.. but I’m not sure” Vincent said to his superior

“What do you mean? Where did you see it…?” The man looked up

“In the maintenance building near the Big Dipper… I walked in there to go to the bathroom but there wasn’t one. It was just a big room with stone walls, and it smelled bad in there. I thought I saw a bench in the back left corner but when I tried to walk back there and see… I couldn’t. This sense of pain and dread filled me… I had to leave the room…” he muttered

“What the hell are you talking about Vincent? Don’t come to me with stupid stories! That building burned down in 79 along with the fire!”

In 2004 a plaque was put up on the outside walls of an attraction called the Big Top, which was built on the site of where the Ghost Train used to be. Strangely, every year on the anniversary of the fire Craig Godson’s name would seemingly rust overnight so badly that the plaque would have to be taken off the wall and cleaned extensively. Employees claim to not feel comfortable working shifts near the plague at the Big Top. A female worker even said she would feel as if a large figure was watching her, and she could hear the screams of children. Unfortunately no one will ever know what caused the Ghost Train fire of 1979, but many hope it’s victims will Rest In Peace…

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