The man made of birch wood post one

The man made of birch wood post one

So when I was 6 I started Horseback riding because my grand aunt on my Dads side had a farm with 10 Akers or something around that number. My horse was named sweetie pie which in my 6 year old my was a Great name! I was actually pretty good at It because I learned quickly and was very calm with the horses and knew what made them scared. Sweetie didn’t spooky easy which it why my aunt chose her for me. After a few weeks of lessons I was able to ride her all by myself and go on there home made trail alone. My teacher ( who’s name I cannot remember so I am calling Emma) would follow close behind my or in front of me. But one Day she wasn’t they and my aunt asked if I wanted to ride her of course I send yes.

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So me and my uncle when out this was the first time me and sweetie when very fast. She had even jumped over a Dried up creek. Which in my mind was the coolest thing I had ever done. We had actually gotten very ahead of my uncle but I knew where I was so I wasn’t scared. But as he got deeper she slowed down. And then stopped her ears were twitching which means she was a little nervous and heard something. I rubbed her neck and told her everything was okay. But she grumbled. Now I can honestly say that this horse loved me she was play with my hair and prance around me and jump around when she saw me.

I had never seen her so scared before now I was only 4”9 ish so I could hop of her and get back on by myself because she was a full grown horse she looked and and whinny a little bit and kicked the ground a little bit.i started to get nervous myself and said to her.” Shhh it’s alright girl.” I hear some leafs cracking somewhere close to us at first I thought it might have been coyotes because my aunt had said she had seen some early that month. She Bucked up and kicked the air I about fell off but I did when my teacher showed me what to do. I pulled in her rains and she when back down and gently tapped her said and said.” Let’s go!.”

She started off running. I held to her tightly because she was going full speed I turned around and didn’t see anything at first. But as my eyes focused and I was a figure of a man. My heart stopped she was already to far for me to see everything but he didn’t look normal he was Freakishly tall I would say 7 to 10 foot talk. It didn’t look like he had close on his skin was very white and it looked like a birch wood. And his hair wand black as Cole. I was horrified because we would have to turn around to where he was to get to safety.

I turned her around and she cried out again trying to turn us back want to go Deeper into the woods. She ran full speed and I made sure we would even get that close to him. But the moment we were to his side. She cried out again and bucked up again and this time I fell. And hit the Ground. I blacked out I have no idea how long o was out I just know that when I came to my uncle was holding me begging me to wake up. My eyes slowly opened and he sighed and said.” Oh thank god!.” I sat up and rubbed my head of course I remember seeing the man and I looked at him and said.” Uncle there’s a man out here!.” ( I am not saying his name for him own privates)) he looked a little shocked and helped me back at and asked.” What did he look like honey bums.” ( that was my nickname to him because I had loved those so much when I was little) I told him what had happened and he of course didn’t believe me. Sweetie was next to him horse and came up to me and nuzzled my head.

I don’t think she knew that she had thrown my off until she had ran into my uncle. He told me that I had probably Dreamed the man after I had passed out. I tried to tell him otherwise. He helped me back on sweetie and we when back to the farm. We didn’t tell anyone what happened because my mom would have made me stop riding if she knew I was Thrown off. I was scared to ride by myself after that and sweetie wouldn’t go to that area anymore.

Sadly that wasn’t the last time I saw the man. Little did I know that it would kick off a four year long period of where he was with me. I’ll post the next part soon

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