The man who can wield lighting

The man who can wield lighting

Hello my name is Connor and I’ve witness something that I can’t explain. I live in the middle of the woods with no neighbors. Anyways here is my story

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It was May 2004 and I just moved into my house in the woods. I just moved out of my parents home and was looking for a cheap apartment I cloud live in for awhile when I found this house for dirt cheap. I was confused why it was so cheap with the great view of a lake and the wooded area around it.

It was my first day when I started to noticed weird happenings around the house. Lights would turn on in rooms that I was not in, I would get shocked out of no where and there would be lighting out side the house when there was no storms there.

It wasn’t until a week until I saw it. It had grey hair and bread that looked unkept, a lighting scar on his exposed chest and was very muscular. It wields a blood color of lighting. It would just look at me form ether out side of a window or the corner of a room. I thought it was me just see things at the time.

A month later is when it started to get worse. It would attack me every so often that’s when I started to figure out that it was real. It would just shoot lighting at me once a week or so and it would barely miss me.

It’s now two months since it started attacking me and I learned his name. He was the almighty god Zeus. Now I know you guys think well he’s a god and should be good right well your wrong. He’s out for blood and I’m pretty sure I’m the next…

Thank you for reading my first creepy pasta I hop you liked and leave some tips for me too!

Submitted May 23, 2019 at 11:59AM by VVyv3rn

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