“The Man With the Red Smile”. [Part 1] “He’s watching you.”

“The Man With the Red Smile”. [Part 1] “He’s watching you.”

Hello. My name is John. I am quite normal, really. I work at a fast food joint, and I'm 18, close to graduating from high school.

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I had recently started gambling, and well, I lost most of the time. It really wasn't much, maybe 3 or 4 dollars one week and such. So, it wasn't that much of a worry.

One day, however, as I was walking home from School, I felt a strange presence following me. It was odd, as nobody was actually following me.

I had quickened my pace, feeling my heart pound against my chest as the presence grew larger and larger, I was practically on the verge of running.

I had finally arrived at my haven, my house. I had planned to move out this year, as I had been saving up for an apartment.

Rushing through the door and closing it, I released a sigh of pure relief. Whatever that feeling was, it was strong, and scary.

I locked the door and looked around, nobody was here. This was pretty normal to me, as my mother worked until around 6, and my father worked until the same time as my mother.

I sat down on the catch, relaxing. I turned on the TV and took out my homework, I was actually pretty good with my homework.

When it was finally finished, I laid down watching TV. Nothing much was on, besides some cartoons and movies.

I decided to get up… But for some reason, I was frozen, like something wouldn't allow me to move.

I felt the presence once more, this time it felt huge, it was like there was a person filled with dark energy right next to me.

I couldn't even move a finger, as I struggled, the presence filled my entire veins. I struggled more, to no avail. I felt something wrap it's arms around me.

I was scared out of my mind, I couldn't do anything but just stand there..

I felt it more and more, it was like it was sucking my life-force or something.. It felt as if I had done a whole work-out for hours, just in these minutes.

I stood like this for hours, as it started grabbing my face. It got to the point where it felt like it was suffocating, but I was still breathing, so in a way, it was worse, as I had to deal with this for hours.

But, when my mother opened the door, it stopped, dropping me to the floor and I gasped for air, my mother rushed over to my aid.

She was panicking, asking if I were okay, I told her I was, when in reality.. I was the complete opposite of that. What the hell just happened? What did that? Questions like this rushed to my mind.. as I just, faded out of reality into my thoughts for a moment.

Could I tell anyone about this? I thought to myself. No, they'd obviously think you're crazy and lock you up somewhere. My mind replied, jumping out of the daze, I simply got up, and walked to my bedroom, phone in hand, I moved without emotion, as I was still shocked at what just happened.

Journal Entry 1: "Someone's following me."

Submitted June 12, 2018 at 07:00PM by Southparkthecoon

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