The Monster and The Victim

The Monster and The Victim

I did something bad, I stepped into a dark part of the internet and I made a mistake and now, lives might be in danger because of it.

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It started with my phone, an expensive, fragile, glass device. I paid cash for it on a Tuesday; I dropped it on a Saturday. It was completely destroyed. I was of course deeply disappointed and I needed a new phone immediately.

I went directly to a Chinese website that sells off brand phones, I ordered one that looked okay off an independent supplier and two weeks later I had my new phone.

Up until this point everything was normal, disappointing but normal. My new phone worked well enough and made me wonder why I had spent so much money in the first place. A week and a half after my new phone arrived I was sitting at home when I received an email on my phone.

It looked like spam, just some words in what looked like Mandarin and two advertisements for dating sites at the top and the bottom. I was ready to ignore it but then I looked closer. The Mandarin writing was lightly highlighted. It was a link.

I was at home on a couch bored, so, out of sheer stupidity, I clicked on it. It took a few seconds to load but I found myself on a foreign website with a video link. Again, out of sheer stupidity, I clicked it. There was a brief loading circle and then it opened.

It’s hard to describe what I saw next; there was a red dot on the far right side indicating that whatever I was seeing was live. There was a dark room and the camera was panning around it did this three times and I was getting dizzy. On one wall there was a locked door and on the other side was a bordered up window.

The camera stopped on the door and stayed there until it opened and in stepped a young girl. She was pretty and looked out of place in the dilapidated building. I was genuinely scared for her, what made it worse was that I was watching these things as they happened.

After the girl had walked in a man followed and my heart jumped in my chest, he was dressed as a clown and he put his hand on her shoulder, I knew he was going to do something terrible to her and I wanted to do save her but I just didn’t know how too, so I just continued watching.

The clown and the girl turned to face each other and I knew the worst was going to happen; they stared at each other and then nodded. Then something I didn’t expect happened. The girl pulled out a large knife from her pocket and stabbed the man as he stood completely still. I was going to be sick as she did it again. This time he clutched his stomach and then fell to the floor. The young pretty girl stood over him and stabbed him again and again and again.

Finally, a few minutes later when he stopped moving she turned to face the camera, her clothes stained with blood splatter. She smiled, unblinking at the distance in front of her and stepped forward slowly. Just as she reached the camera the video cut to black.

Submitted May 27, 2019 at 03:09PM by DanielScaryDark

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