The Old Man of Trinity part 1

The Old Man of Trinity part 1

2 months ago I was really sick. For weeks, I had severe chest pains and coughing periods. My mom became concerned about this and called my doctor. The doctor did an X-ray and an MRI. Weeks passed and the results came in. I had a tumor in my lungs. The doctors diagnosed me with lung cancer and a year to live.

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The town I previously lived in was a small one, so word spread quickly. It wasn’t long before everyone knew of my cancer. My family was treated differently, and I was the target of sympathy. Because of those reasons, we moved cities wanting to start fresh. One month later our house sold and the next chapter of our life started.

The town was called Trinity. It had a population of 350 people. It was known for its safe community. The town was founded in the 1600s. The age of the town was what caught my attention along with the small population. It would be perfect for my final year.

A couple of hours later we were in the driveway of our new home. The house is two stories tall along with the paint job being completely white. The front yard is filled with dozens of flowers making me believe the previous owner was a gardener. There were chimes near the front door along with birdhouses on trees.

Inside the house, the floors were covered with wood. Our living room had a fireplace with a deer head above it. The kitchen had a fridge and your basic cooking items. Our house wasn’t anything special but it was good enough.

Finishing my examination of the house, I went upstairs to call a bedroom before any of my brothers could. I picked the first one on the right. It was the biggest room. “It’s perfect for my gaming and superhero card collection,” I thought. The window in the room gave me a sight of the town and the house beside us.

I briefly looked over at the house. Nothing of importance caught my eye, so I went outside to help with the unpacking. Walking out of the room I felt uneasy as if someone was watching me. I looked behind me one more time to see an old man in our neighbor’s attic waving at me.

The man looked to be 80 years old, his skin was pale white . He no hair on his body worst of all his eyes were freakishly small with pupils colored black with only skin and bone on his body. He smiled at me grinning from ear to ear showing off his yellow teeth.

Not wanting to deal with this I took a piece of paper and wrote: “fuck off old man”. The man’s smile went away as he starred his black soulless eyes at me. The man pointed at me still smiling as he wrote “YOU’RE MINE KYLE” on the window.

Shocked by the man knowing my name made me fall to the floor with a thud. I got up ready to threaten him, but he was gone. I ran from my bedroom to the car as fast as I could escaping the rush of horror I felt. The rest of the day went by quickly. It consisted of unloading boxes from the moving trucks into the house then sleep.

I woke up to see the sun shining in my eyes. The house was completely silent signaling everyone was still asleep. Suddenly a sharp pain came across my head with a chilling voice that whispered. “You’re mine, Kyle.” Knowing where those words were from I went to the other house to tell off the old man.

I made my way quietly out of the house not wanting to wake anybody up. After exiting, I walked down the sidewalk until I was standing in front of our neighbor’s house. The windows had images of Jesus’s birth, falling angels, and the sights of spirits trapped in houses. The paint was wrecked looking like no one lived there. Ignoring this I walked to the front door.

Knocking three times I waited for an answer. About a minute later I was greeted by a little girl wearing hello kitty pajamas. She looked to be eight years old with curly black hair and small green eyes.

Smiling in a light tone she asked.

“Can I help you, sir?”

I tried my best baby kind voice.

“Yes, there is, May I speak to the old man that lives in your house?”

Hearing this the girl’s face went white and her body trembled. Tears started to form in her eyes as she yelled for her mother.

Hearing the child’s screams a woman I guessed to be the mother signaled for the girl to go back into the house.

“Chelsea, go back and eat your eggs I’ll handle this”. The girl quickly ran back into the house.

“Do you need something sir?” the older woman asked

“Yes, the old man that lives here may I speak to him please?”

The woman’s eyes widened.

“Are you OK Ma'am?”

She snaps out of her trance.

“No… No man lives here it’s just me and my daughters.”

“You may have an intruder I saw some-”

Before I finish my sentence she slammed the door in my face. Confused by the encounter I headed home second guessing if the man was real.

Being the only one awake I headed upstairs to go back to sleep. I looked out the window staring at the other house expecting to see the old man with that terrifying smile but. Nothing was there. Convinced I made the encounter up I went to sleep setting an alarm on my phone.

The alarm on my phone went off telling me to get up. Turning it off I Got dressed deciding to meet the rest of the neighbors. Fully clothed I walked to the bedroom door pulling on the handle. It wouldn’t open. I tried harder to open it but it was stuck in place.

“You can’t open it.”

I jumped looking behind me to see the old man in my room.

"Who the fuck are you?”

He stared at me not answering looking face down at the ground

“Leave before I get my brother to kick your ass.”


Reaching down to my jean pockets I looked for my pocketknife to take control of the situation.

“Is this what you’re looking for.”

I looked over to see the man slowly revealing the knife in his hands. The man points the knife against his stomach. Slowly rubbing the blade against the skin he stabs himself over and over. I squint ready to see blood and stomach contents pouring from his stomach, but nothing comes out.

“You can’t hurt me” he points the knife at me. “But I can hurt you.”

I woke up drenched in sweat. Frantically I looked around no one was in my room. I held my hands against my face convincing myself it was a nightmare. After multiple deep breaths and minutes of questioning my sanity, I gathered the courage to approach my door. I gripped the handle not knowing what to expect. This time it opened. I headed downstairs to get something to eat.

I saw my younger brother James watching TV as I hit the last step.

Looking away from the TV James waves at me.

“Morning Kyle, mom made breakfast.”

I sat down beside him needing to talk to somebody about this.

“I’m not hungry.”

“Is everything OK buddy you seem out of it today?”

“Not really, James, you know the house beside us?”

“The one with the weird window designs?”

“Yeah, that one why what’s going on?”

I looked around making sure it was just me and James in the room. Leaning in I whispered

“There’s a person that gives me the creeps”

James laughed hysterically.

“Boy I’ve met them already it’s just a mom and two daughters, who’s gonna take the time to scare you?”

“I saw a man. An old one in their attic there’s something wrong with him.” “He knows my name and I had a nightmare about him”

My brother laughed again.

“No, I’m serious.”

“Kyle chill it’s just your meds they’re making you see things.” “Now come on, eat your eggs before they get cold.

A week later the nightmares stopped and the sightings of the old man stopped. I got to know the surrounding people. Every other day we got an invitation from one of the neighbors wanting us to come over. I enjoyed meeting everybody except the Patterson’s. They own the house of the old man who I now call The old man of Trinity.

The neighbors were sweet and caring, but they never entered our house. I started to get a vibe there was something wrong with our property. Wanting to know I asked Amy Martin. Amy was a friend who lived up the street. I met her when my family went with the Martin’s for lunch. She was my age. She had red hair and brown eyes.

About 10 minutes of walking later I made my move.


“What is it, Kyle?”

“Why does nobody come to our house?”

“Is there a problem with that?”

I can tell by her tone there was something wrong.

“It’s just no one has come over it makes me feel isolated”. “Is there something wrong with the house?”

Amy gripped my arm. Her voice went from a passionate one to a serious one as she looked at me in the eyes.

“Kyle shut up.”

I couldn’t stop

“What is it, my family? Is it because we’re new?”

Amy raised her voice.

“It has nothing to do with you or your family!”

“Then what is it Amy please tell me?!”

“You’re his puppets now, that’s why!”

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