“The Other World” All Parts So Far

“The Other World” All Parts So Far

My first Story Sorry For Spelling Mistakes.

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Part 1

When I was about 16 years old, I used to walk around the streets of my hometown late at night. It was an underprivileged town, located within a mountain range that is covered with trees. Around this time, rumors began floating around my town about creature sightings, but I never believed them. I imagined that they were nothing more than fictitious stories, no different than the Boogey Man or Big Foot. That all changed one night in December. A blizzard was howling and a thick fog hung in the air. To this day, I still don’t know why I thought it would be a good idea to travel into the woods, alone, in the middle of the night. I soon found myself lost, unable to find my way back. As I stumbled about, I began to hear the faint sound of screeching. I thought I was going crazy, but every step I took seemed to amplify the sounds, regardless of what direction I wandered. Luckily, I happened upon an old hunter’s post that was built in a tree. The ladder seemed stable, so I climbed up into it. Sprawled out on the floor was a map. Off in the corner was a box that seemed to only contain junk. I looked around at the four walls and decided to stay here. This humble abode would likely keep me from freezing to death, and it also offered me momentary relief from the persisting sounds. I tried to sleep, but it was impossible. The sounds haunted me until a new one was added. I began to hear scratching near the ladder below. I looked through a crack in the floorboards and witnessed the worst thing that I have ever seen. There was a nightmarish creature below. It was mostly white, with black splotches scattered on its skin. It was scratching at the ladder. The creature was immediately aware of my presence. We locked eyes momentarily before my legs became paralyzed by the cold and fear. I tumbled to the floor. My head almost hit the box of junk in the corner. Using what strength I had left, I frantically began searching the box. At the bottom, I found a flare. I lit it with a lighter from my pocket and swung it downward at the creature through the opening. The creature was not fazed. It was only then, in the firelight, that I realized the creature was not alone. Two more stood beside it. My fingers slowly unwrapped from the flare and it fell below. I then heard blood-curdling screams as the flare landed on one of them. That is the last thing that I remember before going unconscious. When I awoke, the creatures were gone and the blizzard had cleared. I managed to find my way back home. When I had regained my strength, I asked two of the hunters I knew if they had ever seen such a creature. They both told me of similar stories ending the exact same way; a slow loss of consciousness that made them believe it was just a nightmare. Two years have passed since then and we plan to figure out what those creatures were…

Part two

I want to thank you guys for reading my last post. I'm currently planning on going back into those woods with some of my friends that experienced similar things I went through. To update everyone on my life. I'm now 18 and I recently got my full license and I have gone back to those woods before. The times I went back have not been… Ok. There's been A lot of missing person cases recently in the woods. There seems to be a pattern of who gets taken. The age group is 5-17 never anyone over that. The bodies that are found are always stripped of their flesh and teeth. It's hard to figure out who the people are because of that. Usually, people have been able to figure out who the people are by the size of the body. I'm not really sure how they find out who the people are. The only knowledge I know about this kind of stuff is from the show CSI and Bones. Carrying on with what I said earlier not every time I have been in the woods have been so great… I was one of the first people to find one of the bodies… It was a child maybe 5 or 6. My mental state has been massively affected by this and I have not been the same. I've noticed I'm more numb than I am able to feel. I was around 17 when I saw this so this has affected me for a while now but I can't stop seeing when I close my eyes what I saw.. Well, anyways I plan on going back to those woods with a plan to stop what's been taking people. I'll be going with my friends I was talking about earlier. I'm going, to be honest, I don't think I'm right in the head anymore I feel no fear about going into those woods… Well, I'll keep everyone posted on my journey luck fully in the woods I get service. Till next time thanks for reading.

Part Three

So a lot of crazy shit has happened. I have ended up seeing some horrible shit, Stuff that is actual nightmare fuel. I think I am way over my head this stuff is way bigger than I thought. I've seen some stuff recently no one could even dream of… I'm sorry for rambling It's just that I'm in shock from what happened. The last post I posted I explain how I was going to go into the woods with my friends to figure out what is actually going on. Which we did…

I went with my friend's Mark and Leon because we all ended up seeing the same thing. Mark is a 6'1 male he is a big sports kind of guy he also loves going out hunting like me. He is the strongest man I have ever met. My other friend that went with me into the woods is Leon. Leon is a laid back chill kind of guy a big 2nd amendment type of guy. He loves his guns and hunting just like me and Mark. I thought it would be great for him to come with us due to him being a very good tracker and the fact that he has a lot of big guns some guns that aren't even legal. I forgot to mention my self my name is Hutch I'm not the biggest guys I'm 5'10 but I do have muscle. Me, Mark, And Leon all packed our stuff to leave to go into the woods. We packed the basics water, food, and weapons. We ended up getting some cool guns due to Leon being a huge gun lover. Leon gave all of us each an AR with about 3 magazines. With the food and water we have, we should be able to survive a week or more if we got lost and needed to ration.

We headed off into the woods we went about midday. We noticed that there was a lot of fog in the woods. We ended up going to all the locations we all ended up seeing the creatures. We ended up coming up with nothing. After we thought all hope was lost of finding these creatures and stopping them Mark jumped up and said this "Maybe the things that we all ended up seeing are sleeping because if I'm correct we all ended up seeing them at night right?" me and Leon agreed. I responded with why would they not come out in the day and Mark said something I forgot "Well didn't you say they ran away from the flare you tossed at them so they are probably scared of it. So they might be sleeping in a cave somewhere" Hearing him say this made me realize how much of an idiot I am for not realizing this. I agreed with Mark.

We all started to think of locations where they could be if they are asleep. I ended up remembering that there was a huge cave the locals would talk about in the woods we are in. Apparently, there is a lot of supernatural stuff that happens there like screams coming from the inside and the sound of a crying baby near there. I told them both about the cave and they agreed to go. From the time we wasted going to the locations where we all originally saw those creatures we wasted a good 7 hours that royally pissed me off.

After a couple of hours, the day turned to night but luckily we arrived at the cave in time before we were stuck in the woods in the dark. While walking to the cave we noticed the fog thickened and it seemed like it was coming from the cave. When we all realized this we could all hear the sound of a crying baby. This shook them and even me slightly.

We looked into the large cave and the sound of the crying baby was ringing our ears. Mark shined his light into the cave seeing piles of teeth. That wasn't even the worst part Mark shined his light on something I wish I never saw, It was a seven-foot-tall spider. It had pieces of human skin stuck to its legs and body. That wasn't even the worst part. It was its face that got me and from till now I have not felt fear or feared for my life. We ended up finding out where the crying was coming from.

It was this Monster making the sound instead. It fastly turned around and its face was the face of a baby. The crying stopped and It's faced opened up revealing rows of teeth. The whaling sound of a crying baby did not stop but became louder. It was getting ready to charge when Leon opened fire managing to shoot off one of its legs. Leon Screamed " Shoot The Legs Out Before it Kills Us" The Spider Monster Charged towards Mark using one of its legs to stab him in his shoulder. Luckily it didn't really hurt him due to Mark being a tough large dude. I opened fire on the Monster in front of us getting its attention of mark I ended up shooting a couple of rounds into its face. It seemed to slow it down but it started charging towards me. Leon shouted towards " Catch" He tossed me a grenade. He said "Throw it in its mouth" I swear I became an NFL player for a minute I Tossed it and it landed in the creature's mouth confusing it. I screamed for everyone to get down and find cover.

We all managed to get out of the way causing the explosion to not hurt us. The crying stopped and we all were in shock we didn't talk for a couple of hours because of what just happened. We checked Mark to make sure he was okay. We ended up eating and tried staying the night in that cave due to the fear of leaving it and now I'm writing this. I hear some weird crawling ill update you guys on what's going on later but what I'm hearing doesn't sound good.


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