The shenanigans in the woods.

The shenanigans in the woods.

Before I tell this story, I would like to introduce myself.

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My name is James Montague Schwager.

I am 24 years old and still live with my parents in Jackson, Mississippi. UH OH, BASEMENT DWELLER ALERT.

But the truth is, I don't live in my parent's basement and while I do struggle with anxiety, Pure OCD and PTSD…I do have a steady job and pull my weight around the house.

My parents don't mind me living here…. and even encouraged me to stay until I was ready to leave.

So, let me tell you the story of a terrifying visit with my Aunt Mildred.

Well… here it goes.

So, I was visiting my Aunt Mildred in North Carolina for a few weeks. She lived in a small yet cozy house out in the middle of the forest alone and secluded.

She was a slightly snobby lady… though….most of my family members are snobs. She did have some strange stories she told quite regularly. One of her stories were about the alleged "bigfoot" sitings

in the area and how she swore she saw him on the road once.

I…listed to these stories and humored my aunt despite the fact I doubted most of them. But…her creepiest story is how she claimed that some peculiar people would meet once a year in these very woods. She told me that one night her and Herald (her husband at the time) were sitting on their back porch

when suddenly…they saw lights far away in the woods.

Now keep in mind, that she lives deep in the woods and there are literally no other houses around. They then heard a faint cry for help. Someone pleading and begging for their life

to be spared. And then….. it ended…with a blood-curdling scream that lasted for about 20 seconds.

My aunt told me she felt so nauseous after that…..but not as sick as she felt the next day.

Herald headed out the next day to see what ominous activities were going on in the deep woods and took nothing but his GoPro and a hiking stick……he never came back.

Now, it was common knowledge that Uncle Herald had disappeared. He went missing back in June of 2012….but nobody ever found out what exactly happened to him. The police searched a short time then told her that they believed he left for Raleigh. The police did not seem very motivated or interested at all and shut the search down very quickly.

I know they are lying. My aunt said very sternly. My Herald didn't just up and leave because he didn't want to be with me anymore.

They know good and well what occurred just as I know.

Ummmm, What do you know…Aunt Mildred? I asked curiously.

All I have to say is….that there are nefarious shenanigans that go on in these woods. My aunt replied.

That night wasn't the last night I heard those screams. Just last month I heard them again for the first time in a while.

I also hear them…….chanting… makes me nauseated.

Oh dear, look at the time…I guess I've traumatized you enough dear.

I don't know about you but I'm gonna get my beauty sleep. Goodnight dear. My aunt then headed off to bed.

Ooooooookayyyyyyy? Well, I guess I'm gonna go to bed then. Goodnight Aunty.

I went to bed and I was indeed baffled and somewhat creeped out by this all.. and while I had my doubts about the "screams" in the woods…I did wonder what really happened to Uncle Herald.

Maybe he really was in Raleigh…he did grow up there. Anyways, I decided to forget about it.

Despite the creepy story my Aunt had shared with me the previous night, I actually slept quite well and was ready for another day. I got up and sipped my coffee turned the TV on to watch the news.

After that, I called my mother and talked to her a little while. I did tell her about Aunt Mildred's strange story in which she replied. (If I know my sister, she'll make a horror story out of any situation

..even the disappearance of her own husband.) I chuckled and told her bye.

I walked into the kitchen and out of sheer curiosity asked my beloved aunt which direction she heard the alleged……cries for help.

You aren't planning on going into the woods, are you? She asked.

No no. I replied… I was just curious…you said you were on the back porch when you heard the noise and I was just wondering in what precise direction.

She replied with. Hmmmm…..I honestly can't say that I 100% remember……but I am almost certain that it was south-east.

Later my aunt left for town to get a few groceries.

Just make yourself at home dear. she said as she left. I was then alone…..This whole time I was planning on heading out in the woods in the direction of south-east……Of course, I wanted to

know what existed out in my Aunt's huge forest backyard.

I started down the very vegetated trail in the forest and kept walking. It was hard to get through because of all the vegetation in the way. It finally started to thin out and I was walking a good mile out into the woods and then I reached an area where the trees covered the sky like a huge canopy. It was comparatively darker than the rest of the forest. I advanced forward when…I stepped on something.

Something was under the leaves I was standing on. I lifted my foot and cleared the leaves and found….a GoPro camera……and just a few feet away in front of it….was a hiking stick.

I immediately knew who they belonged to. I picked the camera up and noticed it was slightly eroded and the stick was in decent condition and likely made of treated wood. My heart sank as I knew something was horribly wrong. If his belongings are here…where is

he? I wondered. I was confounded and aggravated and then…..I saw it… something in the distance. A large, statue of a revolting, satanic, beast. It was at least 12 feet tall. At the base of it…was a stone table with dark, red, stains coating it. I immediately felt extremely nauseated. I walked closer and noticed a metal barrel right alongside it. I regret ever opening it up to this day. I opened the barrel…and was met with a human skull.

I dropped the lid and ran. Oh, boy, did I run. I didn't care about the thick vegetation. I GOT THE HECK OUT OF THERE. I finally reached the house to meet my aunt.


YES AND… I FOUND…..I… I FOUND…I could barely speak. I felt so weak and nauseated. I told my Aunt to gather her things and to come with me. We left the house with some money, her purse, her dog, and my suitcase. I could not stay in that horrid place for a second more. We stopped at a random parking lot in the town and

I…pulled the GoPro camera out of my coat pocket.

My aunt let out a shriek.


I took my aunt to Raleigh. We didn't DARE report this to local authorities.

It's been about 4 months now. The police and FBI have discovered everything…(Well, we assume that's the case) The FBI has over 38 people in custody. It was painfully and eerily obvious….the place I discovered…was a meeting place for a cult. A cult that consisted of local citizens…and even some police officers of the local town near my aunt's home.

My aunt..for the last 7 years…MY AUNT…was hearing the screams of victims…the screams…of the victims of human sacrifices that this disgusting cult performed. Another creepy happening was that my aunt's house was mysteriously set on fire and burnt to the ground.

The members of this cult who were captured have been interrogated quite a bit and some have even committed suicide. I hope they all die a slow and painful death just like their victims did….just like… Uncle did.

I handed the GoPro over to the police. They managed to get whatever pictures and footage that existed off the camera. They told me…that the last recorded video…was from June 12, 2012.

The footage was of a man walking in a shady forest……it was not a pretty site, he gets jumped by some strange figures and the camera goes black…however the audio…was still recording. And…let's just say. It was clear what happened…to Uncle Herald. Me and Aunt Mildred were permitted to listen. I will never forget those screams.

[C] LordDimentio9

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