The Stick People

The Stick People

This is my first Creepypasta so please be nice people of Reddit! Hope you enjoy!

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It all started on a rainy Saturday, like most people my age (well introverts like me anyway) it was spent browsing YouTube looking at random video's. By about 3am I found myself in the “weird section” of the site. Most of it was your basic stuff, conspiracy theories, ghost and demon video’s, that sort of thing. As I was about to sign off and go to bed for another nights restless sleep, I noticed a video. It was called “The unexplained phenomena of The Stick People”. The thumbnail was a blank black screen with a single white line down the middle. I don't know what it was but something in me felt drawn to this video. The video started however nothing happened, what greeted me was a white screen with a static sound playing in the background. Just as I was about to turn the video off I noticed a very small figure appear within the white void. I had to squint to see it but sure enough it was there. After closer inspection it was a stick figure just standing there. Something captivated me I couldn’t look away, as I was staring at the image I felt as though something was watching me back. This went on for about 5 minutes just a standoff between this figure and I. As the video hit the 10 minute mark and a loud eerie sound played, the sound made me jump right out of my skin. Then in an instant the screen went black and in all capitals there were large white letters that read “THE STICK PEOPLE HAVE FOUND YOU”.

My computer turned off completely. I tried to re-boot it but had no success. Feeling rather disturbed by this experience and with my PC unexplainably going dead on me I decided to call it a night. That night I found myself tossing and turning more than usual, there was something about that figure which just wasn’t right, I couldn’t explain it. When I did manage to succumb to sleep I found myself dreaming of that desolate white abyss, I felt trapped with no way out. Then again I saw that figure only this time I couldn’t explain what I felt, I felt it staring at me but there was something more, this creature with a blank face seemed to be angry with me, like it wanted to take me away. As I said I couldn’t explain it.

That morning I woke to the feel of the sunlight shining through the blinds to my bedroom. Exhausted from the restless night I got up rubbing the remaining sleep from my eyes. As I reached for my bedside table to pick up my glasses, I noticed something out the corner of my eye printed on my wall. Without my glasses on I couldn’t quiet make it out. I rushed to put on my glasses and what I saw next sent shivers down my spine.

On my wall was a solitary stick figure. After closer inspection it seemed to be scorched in to my wall. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing; there was no way that this figure should be on my wall. What was that video? Why did it disturb me so and why is it now haunting me both in waking life and my dreams. I tried to forget what had happened but every time I tried to distract myself I kept thinking of that figure. It was the only thing I could think of, I felt almost obsessed by this figure. Feeling scared and wanting to know more I attempted to boot up my computer again. What was it that was haunting me? What was this figure that had been burned on to my bedroom wall? My computer eventually booted up after what felt like an eternity. I loaded up Google Chrome and tried to find the video I had previously watched that night. Maybe someone in the comments knew more. I searched high and low but much to my distress I could not find anything to do with this illusive stick figure. Disheartened I turned my attention to Google, again nothing at all. Was what I saw last night a dream? Had I somehow made this whole thing up? Perhaps, but then again how did this figure appear on my wall? I brushed it off and tried again to take my mind off it. The rest of my day was spent watching movies on Netflix and drinking my own body weight in alcohol. I somewhat successfully forgot all about this figure. The clock struck 11:00pm and I decided to call it an early night. I staggered in to my bedroom and was greeted again by the disturbing stick figure. Being intoxicated this thing seemed to haunt me even more however I managed to finally fall asleep.

Again I found myself dreaming of the white abyss only this time there wasn’t one stick figure. There were hundreds maybe even thousands all the while I felt their anger, but this time there was something more, was it hunger? There blank faces said a thousand words and I knew I had to escape. I was in extreme danger.

The clock struck 03:00am and I awoke sweating with tears streaming down my face. I looked around my room and this time I didn’t need my glasses, I saw thousands of stick figures all scorched on my walls. But there was something else. I put on my glasses and also scorched on my wall was an arrow pointing towards my computer and one word above it. “ANSWERS”. I made my way over to my computer and was greeted by a white screen. Again there was something very small in the background. I lent in closer and that’s when I realised it was too late. I felt a thousand arms reach out and pull me in to the screen. I tried to resist god knows I did but I just couldn’t they were too strong. I blacked out.

I awoke to a white surrounding, and a figure staring down at me. I looked down and saw no body just the body of a stick figure, finally I understood what they wanted. What they wanted all along, they wanted me. I too now felt their hunger, the hunger for an unsuspecting victim. I was one of them now and my goal is simple, I hunger for a soul to trap into my abyss.

There is however a part of me that still has the human aspect of guilt and compassion and therefore I feel the need to say this.

If you’re reading this, I am so sorry but we have found you… THE STICK PEOPLE HAVE FOUND YOU

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