The thief.

The thief.

See, I live in a terraced-house. Five identical houses directly side-by-side. All slanted roofs and they are all directly connected.

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A long time ago, when I was about 10 years old, I was having dinner and I was staring out of the window. It was quite stormy outside. It was raining hard and the wind was blowing.

While suddenly I saw a black glove getting blown against the window.

I’m quite a curious person and if you ever looked outside at leaves getting blown around, you would have noticed that leaves almost never get blown flat against the window.

The black glove stuck against the window for about a second or so and then It vanished.

I got kinda scared and told my parents, who where set next to my at the table. They did not notice anything getting blown against the window.

See, I used to be scared of the dark. Having just seen that black glove against the window, did not help me sleep that night.

I used to sleep in the attic. We made it into a nice room so I was not sleeping between the boxes. The room also had this skylight/velux-window in one side of the roof. A couple of weeks later the wind was blowing again. The rain was slamming against the skylight/velux-window. I was scared.

I was lying awake in bed. I could not sleep Since I was afraid of the dark. Usually it just takes me about an hour laying in bed, being scared, before I fall asleep. Not this night. This was different.

I was listening to the rain and the wind when I suddenly heard a heavy banging noise on the roof.

This noise alone was enough to scare the shit out of the little 10 rear old me. I froze with fear when I heard the heavy banging noise coming towards me from across the roof. Suddenly I heard two loud bangs right on the skylight. The skylight window was locked and the curtains where drawn. I clutched my teddybear and just listened… A few seconds later I heard the noise move away across the roof.

When I woke up the next day I was still scared.

When having dinner that next day my dad told us that a thief had broken into the house of our neighbors.

Now knowing that scared the dead shit out of me. I was so scared I didn’t dear tell everyone and I could not sleep for weeks. I also moved my bedroom one level downstairs and I’ve never herd any noise like it agin.

Plz. Let me never get so close to a thief ever again.

Submitted March 13, 2019 at 02:06PM by Max_Kevin

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