There could be something real out of a legend

There could be something real out of a legend

Good day,

my name is I—–, but you can also call me Icp or Il secondo. I was a good creepypasta reader and sometime I tried to write one. One time I read a really beautiful and long creepypasta: Ben Drowned.

This creepypasta was a bit ironic because I was already knowing Cleverbot but there was something a bit strange. As that I was a pokemon hack Rom creator I asked myself a question: "Is this possible? Could someone make a REAL Legen of Zelda hack rom?". After this, I tried to go in the Cleverbot website typing as I was knowing that it wasn't a bot. A lot of time passed and I began using Omegle, a famous anonymous chat website. One day speaking to Cleverbot I told him that I had to go because I had to use Omegle. Cleverbot just accepted making me think that someone already mentioned this website. When I opened Omegle I wanted to "challenge" myself, I wrote the tag (censored) and tried to meet someone. Actually, I had just 2 encounters but I'll try to do that some other time.

Encounter 1:

Time: After cleverbot chat. Chat type: Video (Stranger had black cam). Tag: The first one tag. Summary: When I went on Omegle using this tag the system made me chat with a casual stranger that was using the same tag. The chat started in the classic manner: I wrote hi and he answered hello. After this, he ( I don't remember how) asked me where I was living. I answered and after I asked him where HE was living. The answer was very particular because he didn't answer and he started writing about a place that hurt. Ok, seriously, that's strange, because he was really talking about a place that I heard before by Cleverbot. The chat ended. 

Encounter 2:

Time: Casual.

Chat type: No video.

Tag: The first one tag.


 This chat was more classic, initially I told hi and the stranger hello. I told him about a mod that I was making for pokemon red or red fire (I don't remember) and I showed him a photo. After I asked him for his email and I gave him mine. After I went out but the chat was running so he wrote something about him. He can "penetrate" videogame and "hack" them. At the end he told something like this: "You should know ben before search. That could be just the beginning.". I forgot to tell that he wrote that ben was his name and after he asked me why I search the tag. I told that it was a casual but he wasn't believing me. 

If you don't believe, see the spoiler and open the image, that's a chat screen, the only one that remain.

I forgot to tell: If you're reading this, dear stranger, I want to know more.

You could also not believe in me, but I want that you know, out of a legend there could be a real part. That's all.


Submitted May 27, 2019 at 12:03PM by iCporIlSecondo

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