They Heard Anita

They Heard Anita

Anita cried silently, as quietly as she could.

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Trying to keep herself together while she was falling apart.

Trying not to attract attention to herself, trying not to be noticed.

She knew what would happen if she was caught.

She knew what they would do.

The tears fell, and a sob escaped her lips despite herself.

She hated lying on the floor, weak, alone, and helpless.

Anita clutched her trembling arms, hugging herself, trying to calm down.

Now was not the time to panic.

They could sense panic.

If she panicked they would find her.

Anita was lucky, she was alive.

It’s hard being the one who’s alive.

Anita shivered, she was stuck until the storm blew over.

Rain pounded on the low, rusty roof of the enclosed shed.

She had to remain still so that she did not attract any attention.

They could be anywhere, anytime, and they could sense movement.

If you so much as moved an inch, they would get you.

It was all too much for Anita.

She hated being on the run, being hunted, watching as the world fell apart and the people she loved were slaughtered.


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