This Is Insanity (Part 2)

This Is Insanity (Part 2)

As the birds were singing their happy tunes and the animals was walking around the forrest, i wanted to explore the forrest a bit more than just our campsite.

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I asked the others if they wanted to go with me, but only John wanted to see the wonders of the forrest.

Me and John packed 2 bags, we took some beers, some snacks, flashlights and our emergency phones as well as 2 radios.

We told the others we would radio them if something went wrong or if we saw something cool, they just said ''Ok, just remember a rubber!'' as they laughed.

After walking for a bit i decided to look at the emergency phone to check the time.

*4:43 PM*

I looked at John and said ''We shouldn't stay out here too long, we should be back to eat, unless you just want to eat snacks for the next few hours''

John looked at me with a serious expression, one i rarely ever got to see.

He stopped and reached for his pocket, and as he was pulling something up, he started to smile, widely.

I got a little nervous untill he showed me what he had in his hand.

I started to smile, widely, as when i looked at the majestic bag in his hands i saw some weed.

We started to giggle like little schoolgirls in the mall, we then found a fallen tree to sit on as we started to roll one joint after the other.

After what seemed like 30 min, we had rolled 6 joints, we decided to light one each and started telling jokes and see who would burst out laughing first.

We had some fun as we walked through the bushes and trees, untill we hit a cabin, we looked at each other in confusion but in the end just laughed at each others weird faces.

John then broke the laughter and said ''Dude, do you think someone lives here? i mean, this is pretty far out in the woods''

I thought about it a bit and said ''Nah dude, i don't think anyone would want to live this far out, i mean, it would be a pain to find a mall, and don't even get me started on visitors dude.''

John gave me an understanding nod, we then eventually decided to inspect the cabin a bit closer, walking up to the door and knocking, just to confirm that no one lived there.

We knocked for about 10 min, and concluded that no one lived there, we tried opening the door.

And to our suprise, it was unlocked, the place was dusty, but it was in good condition considering that it was this far out, and it looked like no one had been here for many years.

The cabin looked amazing on the inside, even with all the dust everywhere, there was a moose head hanging above a fireplace, a leather sofa and a bear rug infront of it, the kitchen looked like it was self made, it was well made no doubt about that, but it wasn't the work of a professional.

Me and John decided to stay there for a bit and get high, we took off our jackets and tossed them around to get some dust off the sofa and the table infront of it, we sat down and unloaded out bags, put our snacks and beers on the table as well as out emergency phones and radios.

John then turned on his radio and talked to the others ''Yo guys, it's a real shame you didn't come with us, we found this awesome cabin, it has a fireplace, a sofa and everything, this place is like a fucking palace!''

I turned my radio on and said ''Yeah, it's true guys, this place is awesome! John even had a little-''

John shushed me and turned off his radio and signaled for me to do the same, he looked at me and said ''Dude, don't tell the others about the weed, Jessica and Micheal aren't big fans of it, i don't wanna ruin the trip because of it''

I nodded and turned on the radio again ''And John had a little more than one beer, i don't think we will be back for a while''

I heard the radio come on ''Ok guys, just don't wake us up when you get back, we are pretty drunk as it is, we would probably shit ourselves if you were to scare us!'' i heard a giggle at the end of that sentence, they were pretty drunk alright.

Me and John enjoyed the weed and beers and told jokes and stories for a couple of hours, then we heard a russling sound outside, it didn't sound like an animal at all, it sounded heavier, slower.

Me and John Turned off our flashlights and hid behind the sofa, the paranoia only getting worse because of the weed, then we heard it again, and again, it was walking around the cabin.

Then we heard a growl, it didn't sound animalistic, but not human either, it sounded like someone was coughing up slime or something, we then saw a silouette in the window, it was tall, skinny and looked like it had no hair whatsoever.

Our hearts pounding away, i grabbed my radio and whispered into the mic ''Guys, something is at the cabin, we're hiding behind the couch, but i think whatever is out there knows we are in here, it won't go away''

As we thought things couldn't get much worse i heard the radio ''Good one guys, you almost had us for a second, hahaa, you should start an acting career!'' It was Micheal, of course drunk and stupid he almost yelled that into the radio, giving whatever was out there confirmation that we were in the cabin.

Our hearts sank as the creature walked along the cabin towards the door, as the handle started to twist and the door open, we saw a head, it was hard to make out it's facial features in the dark, but we knew it was smiling, and it's eyes lit green, like a cats.

It was staring right at us, it opened the door fully and walked into the cabin, me and John scrambled on the floor, trying to get up, John got up first and dragged me up but before i could stand up the creature was right in front of us, looking me directly into the eyes, it's breath hitting my nose like a truck, it smelled like rotten meat and mold, i heard it trying to say something ''I smell fear… Ohhhh how i've longed for the scent of it'' almost bending back in it's ecstacy i saw an oppertunity and took it, i took a hold of John's wrist and bolted into the thing, John almost reading my mind, throwing his own weight into mine as we tackle the creature like a wrecking ball.

The creature falls on it's back and we sprinted, we knew if we stopped for one moment to breath the thing would be right behind us, as we kept running we heard russling behind us, not daring to look behind me i kept running, but John looked, and as i felt his wrist escape my grip i knew what had happened.

It had gotten him, he yelled ''Run you fuck! don't let my life end just so you could get caught by this thi-''

Silence, i ran as fast as i could, hearing the crack of his bones in the distance, and the howls of ecstacy the creature got from capturing it's first victim.

When i finally reached camp the others were still drinking and telling stories, they looked my way and said ''Yo, what's up dude, did you have fun at that cabin?''

I was too exhausted to answer and shaking, tears fell from my eyes as i broke down.

''JOHN IS DEAD!! It got him, i don't know what the fuck that thing was but it got him!!!''

The others didn't smile or laugh anymore as they realized i wasn't joking, they hurried over to me and asked me what had happened, i could only say ''It got him, it got him, the thing, hairless sadistic fuck, it got him''

i was in shock, the others slowly helping me over to the campfire and trying to calm me down, when we heard a russling in the bushes.

(To Be Continued)

Note: Hope you like where this is going! i'm still new at writing creepypastas, so any tips and corrections are more than welcomme, mostly because english is my second language, so sorry if i butchered it!

Submitted January 13, 2019 at 03:02PM by Voodevil

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