We dont go to Pittsburg anymore

We dont go to Pittsburg anymore

To all survivors, If you find this note,you are one of the lucky ones,just turn back and go from where you came from.My name is Max DeLuca and with my squad called "The Legion" have extracted a group of survivors from here coming all the way from Boston.We are taking them to a small rebuilding town in Jackson well fortified and with good people.This zombie outbreak taught me and my guys in 26 years that man is still the greatest threat to anyone,not the infected,not nobody,because man is unpredictable.

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Ok where was I…sorry i lost myself into deep thoughts..ohe yes!So we have arrived at the point where we had to meet,a house that was fortified to be a safe house for people like us,to split supplies or get people to join their groups.We have been waiting for sometime when Mark,one of my guys said that maybe we should look for them,maybe they got lost,and just yall should know,there is only one way to get to the safe house,nobody could possibly get lost.So we decided that Mary and Suzie should stay and guard the house if they would show up and contact us,we would go and look for them.The city is done for..just so you know,and it is pretty crowded with infected.This mission is only for suicidals i must admit,but as mr and my group are the only ones capable in our town for such bad missions,both skilled and mentaly capable,we wanted to go for sure.

Anyways,we have searched broken down houses,here and there would be a pack or two of infected but we dealt with them.There was one house however,that did just…unsettle us.Outside it looked like a normal house,no broken windows no infected no nothing.It looked like someone was still living there.We searched it for supplies but there was nothing.On the second floor though there was a locked room.We decided to burst in and check if it is something in there.When we got into the room,our weapons just,fell from our hands,we were completly disturbed by the scene.It looked like a family,father mother and 2 children,a boy and a girl.The mother and the kids had their head missing,we pressumed the father shot their heads off with the shotgun that layed on the floor and the father had hung himself,i know what you may say"Its nothing man…everyone sees that nowadays" and maybe its true…but we were just shocked by the whole gruesome scene.The father had a letter on him attached with a knife,we pressumed he stabed himself in the stomach and then he hung himself.

The letter said the following:

We have nowhere else to go,we found this house and decided to baricade ourselves for a while as the horde of infected might pass us.We had to meet with a group tommorow to take us somewhere safe,but our hopes died out as we had witnessed all the horrors Pittsburg had to offer,bandits tried to kill my family more than twice as we had passed around the city and infected are every corner,ready to bite or rip you apart.I am running low on ammo,i just have 7 more shotgun shells and a clip for my pistol,the crowbar remained on one of the infected i killed and i couldnt take it of because the other ones were chasing us.I started to understand now that the infected tend to grow more aggresive when someone kills one of them,that sounds somehow beautiful,maybe because in their dead brain of them,they feel like they are a family,God only knows what they think,if they do.My son got bit on the way to the so called safehouse and we had to dash away from a horde and hide.We got upstairs and locked ourselves in this room.I have nothing else to do anymore other than just put him out of his misery and then my wife,my daughter and then me. We had lost faith on what we had witnessed,we aint a tough family no more.And i'd better live in Heaven with my family rather than this nightmare,they are scared as the same as i am,but we all know we have no other choice,not anymore,so i'll have to make this quick before maybe the monsters will break in or i will not have the courage anymore. God bless you,the one that you stumbled upon us,if you are the squad you were supposed to take us to that safe place,get out from here.Dont stay in Pittsburg not even for a minute.Its a fucking nightmare in here,there is nothing to gather,no supply no nothing,only blood and gore everywhere and this satanic things ready to eat you alive.I am sorry we didnt want to wait for you anymore. Go back and live your life happy and safe,dont feel bad about us,we wanted to go this way,Death banged on my door today and i want to invite it to a cup of tea…

Yours faithfully,

"The Browns."

This marked both me and Mark…pretty bad,we should have arrived faster so we could have saved them.But we couldnt and now they were all dead.We got out from the house both dead silent,no one said a word on the way to the safe house.When we arrived the girls asked us what happened and we passed them the note to read.They felt bad as well,and we decided to take off from Pittsburg for good as Mr Brown said.Now as i am writting this,I tend to think that there was nothing actually we could have done,not even a bit.They wanted to go this way,thats what they did.If someone does not want to be helped,then let him/her alone to perish like they want to,thats what im thinking now as i write this.We decided to leave this note on an antenna tower before the city ends,on a small neighbourhood next to the forest.We left some supplies for any of you stumbles upon this place with the word that you WILL return back from where you came from.That man was right,the city is done for,its only a big death trap.I wish you all good luck and be safe because in the end,we will all get caught…

-Sam DeLuca, squad leader of "The Legion

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