We moved into a haunted house and now it won’t let us leave (part 2 )

We moved into a haunted house and now it won’t let us leave (part 2 )

People have asked me why the hell didn't you just get out of the house as soon as the strange stuff began. And why didn't you get your wife out of there? At first, my brain didn't want to believe it. I kept rationalizing all the strange events away. I had sunk a nice chunk of change into the property. I felt some weird duty to honor that and make the move work. We traded our other live for this dream, we couldn't just go back. But that's not to say we didn't try leaving. When the dog died I think that really spoked us. And that was the first time we tried to leave.

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It was the day after the event down in the cellar that things started to get very intense. It felt like the house was just warming up. It was the night after and I remember it clearly because I was still freaked out from the day before.

That day we went and bought a television for the sitting room and the bedroom, so we could have something playing in the background at all times. We decided to take advantage of our new living arrangement and go to bed early for a snuggle and a movie.

As we were lying there watching the movie, all the lights in the bedroom went out and the television went dead. Then it switched back on, leaving only a static picture. As the brightness of the television increased so did the static electricity in the air which seemed to be radiating from the television.

Then the hum of the static turned to a high pitched voice.

“We know his secrets, we know his secrets” over and over again.

Then the high pitched tone turned to a really low toned, angry, growl.


The television got brighter and brighter till all of a sudden it exploded, showering us in the glass. Then the lights turned back on and everything went quiet. Scared out of our minds we decided to sleep in the car.

As we were sitting there the following evening, we decided to go out for the night and stay in a hotel. I think we were still freaked out from the night before. Julie decided to go for a shower. As I was downstairs on my laptop. I heard Julie screaming for me.

“Please not again, ” I thought.

As I got to the bathroom Julie was just standing there pointing at the mirror with a horrified expression on her face. The glass was all steamed up from the shower and words were appearing on the mirror.


I was starting to get a feeling someone or something was trying to tell us something.

After we got dressed I decided to go and start the car. I just wanted to get away from the house and told Julie to follow me out. As I got to the car the heavens opened up. I ran back into the house to find Julie passed out on the couch. It didn't look like we were going anywhere that night. So I just covered her with a blanket and went to bed. As I slept that night, horrifying images were being conjured in my dreams. I was dreaming of a faceless man torturing and murdering woman down in the cellar. It was strange he wasn't faceless, more in the sense he wouldn't reveal himself to me.

In the dream, the faceless man is trying to murder some poor woman down in the cellar. I grabbed the man to try to stop him. And when I turned him to face me I woke up in a ball of sweat and my heart pounding.  Feeling thirsty, I went downstairs to get myself a glass of water. As I'm filling the class, I heard scratching at the back door. Then I heard one of the dogs barking. I opened the door and Polly rushed in. She seemed in a panic. She ran over to cellar door. She was sniffing and barking like mad. Something was really upsetting her.

I walked over and opened the cellar door, only for Polly to bolt down the stairs. As she bolts down into the cellar the door closes shut. I tried my best to get it open but it wasn't budging. I could hear Polly down in the cellar freaking out, barking and growling at something. It went all quiet. Then I heard her leave out a gut-wrenching squeal. It went all quiet again, then the door opened

I ran down the stairs and there was Polly lifeless on the ground by the pit. I went over and checked her pulse. As I'm checking her over I felt something creep up behind me. I felt something cold wrap itself around my neck. My chest went all tight as if the air was sucked from the room. As I gasped for breath I heard a voice whisper in my ear. A man's voice.


Then whatever had me let go.

I didn't know how I was going to break it to Julie about Polly. She loved that girl as if it were her own daughter.

The next day I got builders in to fill in the pit. While they were getting started on the hole. I decided to take Julie to a hotel for a few days. I handed the keys to the builders and told them to lock the place up when they were done. I was feeling relieved to be getting away from the house. I was even thinking of not returning.

As we drove my vision began to get blurry. Then the next minute I'm waking up with the car in the ditch. When I looked to see if Julie was alright I noticed she wasn't in the car. I looked up and there she was just wondering up the road towards the house. I called out to her and got no reply. I followed her back to the house to find the builders packing up. One of the builders seemed injured. When I asked him what happened, he just threw the keys at me, jumped into his truck with his buddies in toe and drove off.

I followed Julie back into the house to find her back on the sofa passed out. It was at this point I was getting really scared.

I needed help here. Who could I have called? Who would have even believed us? And who's secrets were buried in the past?


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