Why I wake up with cuts

Why I wake up with cuts

Background I have been lucid dreaming for years I have one every night the reason why I started was when I was a little kid I always had bad nightmares and woke up with unknown scratches and nosebleeds so I looked up how to lucid dream and my problems go away. Because of this I can tell when I’m in a dream and my nosebleeds have left.

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The reason why I’m telling you all this is at 8 am I left the house to go,to school and I was not in the suburbs I was in the forest. I ran into the house that used to have my family and stuff now is almost empty buy almost there is 1 thing a computer. Now I know my computers and I did not know what the brand hews is I opened the computer and there was I note on the screen this was a laptop by the way saying hews then I remembered you can’t read in a dream.

I peeked out of the window and Saw a face st was a disgusting misshapen face with black holes for eyes. But I remembered it when I was I kid I did not think that I saw a face in the dream but not that I think of it I did he said November 18th 2018 oh crap that’s today. I waited I bit before I heard a sound coming from the door I checked out the window thinking it was over what I saw was Forrest I am quickly Writing up this story that’s why there are misspells to warn you to think about your dreams if you ever wake up with a nosebleed

Update I woke up I don’t know how but I did I checked my post got taken down from no sleep said to little words yeah right I have been posting here for years never saw that. The reason why I’m updating it I think I’m in the real world but everything seems off and I still got it posted in my dream somehow. Turns out it’s a weekend but I could swear yesterday was wednesday I’m asking my mum if anything happened when I was little see you soon

Update I did get a answer my mum knew about my dreams and said she used to see that guy to and she made a deal to sacrifice a future kid then I got worried because I won’t have a future kid because 2 years ago I went bmx riding and fell down a hill hit my junk and the had to amputate my balls.

I’ve been thinking looking for peoples experiences on him I found a active thread on 4 chan talking about it in the thread it was split into groups people who experienced it 20 years ago and people who experienced it now. We started a discord group and talked about how we could stop it I mentioned I could lucid dream and I stopped him once before threw that after that I was elevated to top priority in other group

Update I am now dreaming there was no house this time but still a computer on it a saw pictures of all all people in the discord chat with crosses over there eyes then I saw him about he was about 9 foot towering over me because I’m only 5 foot 1 I put all my dream power into stopping him and woke up with a massive nosebleed

Update Everything is fine now but when I sleep right at the end of every dream he pops out and says November 18 2019 I guess I will meat up with my discord buddy’s in a years time

If your reading this I’m sorry but I can’t put up with it anymore I have been harassed and cut by this thing in my dreams for to long most of my discord friends are Either dead or fine the ones who are fine told other people about him the people they told are dead but I’m not I’m on my death bed I lasted longer then everyone because I could fight him but each dream it became harder and harder.

I don’t know why but I know if I die that thing will have my soul and that’s a fate worse then death. He has started changing my real life all of the doctors have scratches and on eyes it took I bit longer for my parents to look like that but there starting to. My guess is I have the strength to survive a few more days I know I have to end it for good.

I can’t move irl but i can in the dream there is one guy who is not fine on the discord still alive nobody listens to him and he is probably crazy but I got nothing to lose. He says to perform a ritual to summon him into the real world where he is less powerful but still powerful it says guns and blades don’t word on blunt stuff. What you need for the ritual is candles pretty standard a peace of paper a mirror a little bit of blood here is have you do it you set up the mirror in front of you put candles around the mirror and hold one this will be your weapon you gut yourself I will just pick a scab and right on the paper with blood come in real life instead I want to be dead then burn the paper on the candle I have everything but a candle

Update I am in my dream and running to the store the get some candles he is chasing after me yes the store one 1 2 three candles yes a shit he gave he a massive scratch in the back.

Update I willed myself awake and ready to do it. He just came threw the mirror and the candles went out shit that guy who told my this must have been him. What do I have yes a lamp whack he staggered back which gives me time to open the draw get some poison jab o shit that did not kill him. Wack wack cut cut he is going to kill me …..

Where am I oh shit I’m in the forest I must have blacked out I have no legs oh crap it’s him roll roll dodge dodge he backed me out into a corner and all I got is my arms I have to tell you about this the end my nightmare I just need one viewer

To survive if we keep passing it on no one will die quick arr where am . I’m in the emergency room I will ask them to open a window oh shit forest wait they have no eyes and when are they puting into me hel..

Sweat dreams reader

How did I get on this account I was on reddit and then it froze I have a new pc and good wifi to I was confused I refreshed the page checked my account fdlf 1 who the hell is fdlf one I checked to posts he seems to be some dumb kid but when I saw one post he talked about walking up with nosebleeds and weird black eyed people this is strange because I experienced the same thing I looked up black eyed people and just found some shitty creepy pastas but fdlf1s was closest to my experience. Infact it was nearly exact thinking about it fdlf 1 s personality and experience seems very similar to happyrouge from discord sever I am not dead I stoped posting on the discord server when I opened the app and then I hand came out of my iPad as spinning saws came out of the screen but I closed the app did the same on pc but that time I got cut a bit

Every morning I see strange people looking threw a car window I thought they were spying on me because I had problems with that before because I use the deep web and sometimes I can be a bit risky on it. You might think the man who attacks us is like Freddy with a bit of creepy pasta mixed in. But he is more of a Jason vorherse because he stares at us in the woods the only reason we can find him is fdlf1 and I are very observant, the time now is three am and I’m going to sleep but I have to tell you this I am no longer haunted by him but when I was I sucked to I go into peoples dreams and help them I have saved many life’s but nearly lost mine every night my success rate is 20% it does not seem to high but when dealing with him it is

I’m now asleep let’s see. What we’re dealing with oh crap every 1 in 100 nights he goes extra strong the night that happed to fdlf 1 killed him I’m probably gonna die. O shit it’s him and that’s the guy I need to save o crap it’s only a kid but the kid seems to have set up some traps o shit he is chase ing after me must get to the trap he he cutting and cutting to on 50 m to go ar he got me deep 10m he just got all the way threw my skin yes trapped now ho will die first me or him ar ar yes I survived I am in a hospital bed o crap it’s in the forest well by

Sweet dreams again reader

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