Windows 66.6 Returns

Windows 66.6 Returns

Okay, I'll admit it. I haven't been to that office in MONTHS since my office computer broke on me. It was just, so weird. All computers, except for one, died via EMP blast. I kept telling myself to NOT go back there, as I might release what's actually hidden in that demonic hellish computer. That name, I won't forget it. Windows 66.6.

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I just lost all senses, and I couldn't control myself. So, I went back to that office, after months of being untouched. That morse code I sent you, was a MESSAGE. A message that basically meant, it could return at any moment.

Ok, let's cut to the chase already. Yesterday at 3:00 AM, yes, 3 in the morning, I went to the Microsoft headquaters, and went to THAT office. As soon as I walked in, all the computers instantly turned on. I was like: "What the hell?!" A boot sector of the boot was added. It shown a very scary serpent. The text below it read: "I AM THE SERPENT!"

I didn't know what the HELL I just let out. The computers did boot, as of nothing was wrong. Like, how in the HELL can a computer boot up after a EMP strike?! HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?!

First thing came up, it was a loud info message sound, could have destroyed the speakers if it was loud enough. The message read: "Windows has successfully recovered the 3 corrupt files. You may now use the system normally." Wait, 3 files?! I looked everywhere possible, but couldn't find it. Until, I realized what it meant. That file. It's back to haunt me! WHAT THE HELL?

I can't believe it. It ACTUALLY recovered 666.vbs. I was absolutely speechless. That FILE, took over MY computer. MY office computer!

Suddenly, I got a phone call. How in the… Who would be calling me at THIS time of day?

I couldn't believe it. The SAME guy that caused this whole infectious EMP blast to occur many months ago, talked to me. He TALKED to me.

I was nervous… I knew NOT to trust him.

"Hello…. Thanks for contacting…. Need… help?" I was so nervous even I couldn't say a FULL LINE without stopping. I was THAT scared.


That demonic voice again… fuck…


"I need your help with…."

"Lemme guess… Windows 66.6?"



I said it SO LOUD the employees upstairs told me to shut up or they would have the boss fire me.



"Very well… We shall see what happens to this room… A G A I N."

He wasn't done talking, he said one more line before hanging up.

"I A M T H E S E R P E N T!"

He hung up. INSTANTLY.

I fell down with profanity under my breath… this office again… I don't want this.

I was like "fuck…"

No RSOD? What the FUCK?! Where did it-

A RSOD interrupted me AS SOON as I was about to finish my line.

It went back to the desktop.

Tons of errors started showing up on all computers, and… what?! It was trying to connect… to THE PIRATE BAY. I suddenly blurted out: "WHAT THE FUCK?! I DON'T DESERVE THIS! WHAT THE FUCK DID I DO WRONG… TO DESERVE THIS SHIT?!"

An error sound boomed from the computer. The error message said: "Illegal operation detected. Error 573: Extensive swearing."

What the fuck… How did it do that? HOW DID IT RECOGNIZE IT WAS ME?!

Somebody HAS to be doing this for a reason. If it's a way to just prank me, then whoever though this was a good idea can FUCK OFF.

Suddenly, I was getting TONS of notifications on my phone, about account chargings. How in the fuck? HOW DID THEY EVEN GET MY LOGIN INFO?! I couldn't handle it… I should have NEVER stepped foot in here again… I should have left this office ALONE and went back home.

It was now connecting with reality. I could feel the vibration. Every time I was about to leave it YANKED me right back to the PC screen. I didn't know WHO was doing this, or WHAT was causing it. But I knew one thing: it HAD to be stopped. Suddenly, a message arose on the screen. It mentioned a file download. Of… you guessed it… Poison Ivy. FUCK… I couldn't believe it… It auto-installed and started checking for backdoors in other computers, and it spread quickly.

I couldn't take much more of this. Why would somebody do this to an INNOCENT PERSON?! I was ABOUT to find out.

My computer, my office computer, started to type an IP. It was no normal RANDOM one, either. It was the IP… to my HOME COMPUTER. I suddenly lost all senses after that happened. My OWN PC would get INFECTED by this fucking BEAST! MAKE IT STOP!

I couldn't handle anymore from this. It was so bad, even Windows Hello took me to places where I should have NEVER saw before. I let a serpent out. It's all my fault.

I was about to leave before the "Windows could not start" message and desktop flashed repeatedly multiple times. The power went out in the ENTIRE Microsoft HQ. No, we did not blow a fuse, it was fine. ALL of them were fine. The power came back on, and I noticed it spread, without internet connection. It spread to the MAIN office computer, the once FINE and OK ones. I couldn't believe it. They could ARREST me for this shit!

I really didn't know what to do next. Until… a message that frightened me… showed up. It read: "We are about to upload Windows 66.6 to the Microsoft Downloads page. Please hold. Process should begin in any moment…." I couldn't BELIEVE my eyes. I was about to have my own office PC upload a DEADLY program. "I AM THE SERPENT!" flashed for a quick second before it went and started the upload. I unplugged it as soon as it got to 10%. "Error: Not connected to the internet. Process aborted." arose on the screen. But, it just INSTANTLY, by some ghost, plugged my cable back in! WHAT THE FUCK?! I guess I had to wait and see what happened… When it got to 99%, I felt the urge to just run away. A error message arose, however. It read: "Error during uploading: File contains malware." But, I never noticed… It uploaded to THE PIRATE BAY. I was frightened… After it finished secret uploaded all computers said: "BYE. WE SHALL SEE YOU AGAIN SOON." Then all the PCs INSTANTLY shut off.

I'll never forget that moment that happened.

I am at home now. Safe and secure. Still scared and waiting to hear "FBI, OPEN UP!"

That beast needs to be fucking DESTROYED…

I leave you with one final message: If you see it on The Pirate Bay, REPORT IT. IT IS MALWARE.

I hope you enjoyed this, I certainly DID NOT.

I hope this gets to you. Please, help me get this fucking beast out of my head. DESTROY IT.

Submitted March 14, 2019 at 08:14PM by Choclate1893Pepsi

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