It’s a simple room, yet bigger than all the other rooms in the house. Just a large square room with a bed, and an enormous window facing the front yard. I never actually understood why that was so, i mean it is usually the parents that get the biggest bedroom in the house. But i was never grateful for it, i never ran to my room after school to play video games or to play with my toys. I had always tried to keep away from that room as long as possible, that pointless countermeasure never made a difference, nothing could stop the creatures inevitable return. I- Sorry if i'm causing you any confusion, it would probably be best if i laid out the basics. First things first, my name is Vincent. Yeah, i know, strange name. It was the name of my moms favorite boy band singer, a mindless decision taken without a second thought cause in truth, my mom never cared. My mother never actually wanted me, i was never meant to be. My mother had me when she was still in highschool, which is possibly one of the most embarrassing high school situations ever. You're not even done being a kid and then all of a sudden you have your own kid to take care of. And the accomplice to this huge accident, my father, apparently thought it was all too much to handle cause he ended up running away when he found out about me. Leaving me with a teenage girl who had no experience in caring about anyone else than herself. My grandmother did most of the mothering up until her death when i was only 5, after that i was completely alone. Little did my sensitive little self know, the worst was yet to come.

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Just a year after my grandmother died, i started having these bizarre hallucinations, and the hallucination was always consistent every time. Every night after i would put on my pj’s and tuck myself into bed, ready to get a good night's rest in my desperate attempts to escape from the outside world, the “hallucination” would visit me. It was a creature with long slender arms and back legs like those of dog. The creature was the definition of a nightmare in every way. In addition to this creatures bizzare appendages, it had a pale white skin, skin so pale it could blind, a bleach white color all around. And then the worst part was its eyes, or more like its lack of, they were two empty sockets filled with nothing but an endless darkness. The thing was at least 7 feet tall. And every time, every night, it would approach my bedroom window, place its unnaturally long and bony fingers against the window and peer inside my room and stare directly at me. And every time it did so, my entire body froze up, i couldn't move a muscle, i couldn't scream, i couldn't cry, but it didn't matter, it's not like my mother would have came running to my rescue. Every time it came, we would just stare back at each other the entire night, i couldn't take my eyes off it. I tried telling my mother, who of course, shook me off without a second thought. It was an unbearable feeling for someone so young. I would go to school every day, with bags under my eyes, it got to the point where my mom had to be called down to the school after i had a break down after being shaken awake in the middle of the playground. They made my mom take me to a doctor who told me it was nothing but a “figment of my imagination”, and just like that they put me on pills to help with it. The pills didn't help me though, they just messed me up even more. The pills would make me aggressive towards others, all my friends stopped wanting to hang with me, and as usual, i turned up alone once again. Every time i told my mom the pills weren’t working and i could still see the thing and that i didn't think it was a hallucination, shed just slap me and tell me to quit my bullcrap. “It's only a hallucination, a figment of your imagination”, i never believed any of that, because after all, how would a hallucination leave breath marks on the glass?

I can still remember the last night perfectly. The thing walked up to my window and i looked at it. I could feel myself shaking as i looked into its gaping holes , and for the first time, i was able to let out a word. Every word let out was a struggle, a battle inside my mind, my throat hurt with immense pain as i forced the words out. “GO AWAY”. I could feel myself tearing up “please”. As soon as that tear left my eye, it backed away from the window turned around and left. I never saw it again after that, and for some odd reason, it left me with an empty feeling.

Years passed by, i graduated from high school and my mom met some new crappy boyfriend to move in with, leaving the house to me, i was so happy to be rid of her for once. The years of torment and abused i endured at her hands really affected my mental state, yet i could never bring myself to say the words “i hate you”, i'm just not that kind of person. But she didn't matter in my life anymore, i had the rest of my life to myself, i'm an adult and i can finally live my life. I've been thinking about having kids, starting my own family. If i ever do have a kid, i'm gonna give them as much love as i possibly can, to make up for what my mother and father were never capable of doing. I really thought i could finally put my entire childhood behind me, but things never go the way we want them to, do they?

I had finally arrived at home from work, walking into my house, i felt my stomach grumble violently. So i ordered take out as usual and watched a movie on the couch until i fell asleep. Didn't last long cause i ended up waking up just a few hours later. After tripping over the coffee table and running into a few walls, i made it to my room. And with my work clothes still on, i threw myself on the bed. As soon as i closed my eyes, a stabbing pain of fear shot throughout my whole body. I felt unsafe, i could feel something watching me, it was a feeling i haven't felt since all those years ago when that creature first started tormenting me. Slowly i opened my eyes and looked towards the window, praying to god it wasn't who i thought it was. I make anything out at first, my eyes had not adjusted yet. I squinted and squinted until i noticed the silhouette outside my window. I could feel my entire body trembling as my eyes adjusted to the dark. It was him, the creature was back. The thing that haunted my childhood was back. Nothing had changed about it, it possesed the same bleach white skin, same bony arms legs and fingers, and same two gaping holes filled with its endless darkness. And of course, just as when i was little, every single part of my body froze up and i was left immobilized. I tried to force myself to tell it to go away, but i could so much as utter a single sound. I could do nothing but just stare back, i don't even think i blinked at at. The seconds turned to minutes, which turned to hours, up until the morning. I don't even remember the thing leaving, i ended up passing out. When i came to, i noticed i had many angry voicemails from my boss, crap. I didn't care though, i had more at stake here. As i went through out my day i tried to convince myself it was just a dream, and none of it really happened. And i so foolishly let myself believe that. I wasn't surprised though when it ended up coming back later that night. Once again i found myself immobilized, for the entire night. Staring into its gaping holes, i wanted nothing more than for it to speak, even if it's just one word, i just want to understand it, it sounds crazy i know, but you’d might understand if you were my situation, living in confusion and fear for so many years. None of that ever came though, just an endless silence. Once again, the hours dragged by up until the sunrise and i passed out once again. Again i woke up around 2 o'clock, more angry messages from my boss and some concerned messages from my coworkers. I don't answer them, there's no possible way for me to explain all of this. I'm too weak from my lack of sleep to deal with any of it. I looked at the clock, about 6-8 before night came again, i might have time to come up with a solution. I immediately went out the door and drove to the store. I came back with boards and nails and a hammer, not much of a plan but its the only thing i could come up with in my foggy mind. I immediately got to work and placed the boards on the wall. I hammered each nail in one by one, as i attempted to nail in the last one i felt an overwhelming sense of tiredness and missed the nail and pummeled my finger. I screamed in agony holding my bloodied finger. I got back up and quickly hammered the last nail back into place.

The hours ticked by and when i returned to my room at night time, i was met with a sight that shook me to my core, the boards were gone. And instead the creature took place behind the window, and it didn't look happy.

It didn't take long to get the message from my boss “you're fired”. Whatever, it was a dead end job anyway. The real problem was the creature, it had outsmarted all of my countermeasures. I tried falling asleep on the couch, only to wake up in my bedroom with the thing staring right at me, and every time i do so, the look on its face gets angrier and angrier. I don't know what to do anymore, i don't even want to know what it'll do if i try sleeping at a different place. But it got worse. It was on the second week mark when i saw it place its bony fingers under a space between the window and its frame and pull up, it's trying to get in. It's messing with me, it doesn't pull the window up all the way, it pulls it up slowly just a little more every night and when it leaves, it closes it. The days pass by, the window gets opened a little wider every time. It just opened it to its fullest capacity last night. I'm not even going to fight it, my end is inevitable. All my hopes and dreams i tried to hold on to since i was a kid, they don't matter anymore. This is it

The final night is approaching, the sun will go down in about a few minutes. Finally i'm ready, i know what's waiting for me. I make my way towards my bedroom, but i stop at the door. Am i really scared of this thing? My entire life, i've questioned it, this creature is the only thing that's stayed with me, it never hurt me, it just watched me. It was almost like the parent i never had, and i just want to understand it, and i'm going to understand it. I quickly turn around and walk to my front door, turning on the flashlight on my phone, i make my way outside and towards the right side of the house where the window is. It feels weird, walking on the grass, i haven't been outside in weeks. I try not to slip on the wet grass. The air feels moist and yet comfortable. The question floats around in my head of whether this will be my last night on earth. I approach the window, standing ten feet away from it, i shine my flashlight in front of me. And there it was. The creature looked at me, oh god, i didn't think this through. The thing slowly shuffles for me, i take a step backwards. The thing notices and stops, it looks down, almost embarrassed. Instead i take a step forward, and so does it, yet carefully. It turns its attention towards my finger, and with its long bony arms it reaches out and touches my bruised finger. As soon as that thing made contact with me, my senses got overwhelmed with a feeling i couldn't explain. It couressed my hurt finger, the feeling was warm, comforting, like when a mother holds its baby for the first time and gets that warm release of oxytocin. I started weeping, yet i didnt know why, i felt like i was reuniting with a loved one i haven't seen in years. The thing held me in a warm embrace. For once, i felt whole. Suddenly a mechanical sound filled the air accompanied by a bright light that shone all around me and the creature. I turned to look to see a truck, the door opened and i saw my mother, she slammed the door and walked in front of the car revealing what was in her hands, a shotgun. She put up the gun and aimed at the creature, and pulled the trigger, what happened after that was a blur.

I woke up in a hospital bed, i tried to move, but every time i did so, a sharp pain jolted throughout every part of my body. “I wouldn't move if i were you”. my mother. I attempted to turn to look at her, that effort ended up futile . “You got shot” my mother continued. “What?” i replied back, an action that made my throat burn terribly. “You really pushed that thing out of the way to save it” she said drily.“That thing you always told me was hallucination?” i asked. “Yep, i've always known it wasn't a hallucination, the damn thing used to come up to my window every night too, it's why i gave you my room”. I forced myself to sit up, the pain shot throughout my body quickly. I looked at her, “you knew that thing was real and you let them drug me for it”. She didn't give me a response, just a cold look. “Do you know what that thing is?” i said slowly. My mother's face changed gravely, she frowned “you really want to know that?”. The atmosphere suddenly became a whole lot denser. I swallowed, and slowly nodded. She looked me dead in the eyes “that things your father” .I felt my heart literally stop. “I-” i being to say, but my mother quickly cuts me off. “Your father never really ran away when he found out i was pregnant”. I look at her, scenarios run through my head “did he kill himself” i whisper. “No” my mother says plainly. I fear i know whats shes going to say next, but my mind won't let me accept it, it can't be possible it just can’t. “I killed him” my mother says gravely. My throat immediately feels dry, something that happens every time i get scared. “You wha-” i begin to tear up. “When i found out he got me pregnant, i invited him to the back room behind behind the chemistry room after school, he thought it was just to talk, but, well you know, it wasn't.” “i was angry, i wasn't ready to be a mother, i didn't want to, that anger boiled over me so i did what had to be done, i punished him”. “I pushed the shelf on him, he got doused in so many different chemicals, he was dead within minutes, his skin became so discolored he didn't even look like a real human anymore and i buried him behind the house and then i faked a note saying he was going to run away.” I couldn't believe what i was hearing, my ears kept trying to reject it, but deep down i knew she was telling the truth. I feel like i'm going to be sick. “How could you do such a thing to him” i cried. “It was pretty easy killing him, but i must admit burying him wasn't easy, looking at his lifeless body with his cold dead eyes staring back, that's why his eye sockets are empty, i had to carve em out.” I vomited all over the place, i looked back at her “you're sick,i'm going to the police” i struggle to talk “you're going to pay for what you did to him”. My mother stands up “no i don't think any of that's going to happen”. She bends down to pick something up out of view. Out of the corner of my eye i see a flash of white run across the walls. My mother then looks back up, i then noticed what she was holding in her hands. A pillow. “The funny thing was” my mother said ominously, a way she had expressed herself in way too often. ‘He was actually excited to be a father, having his own kid to protect”. She then walked to over right next to me, and looked down into my eyes, her eyes were filled with a void darker than the creatur- my fathers. And swiftly, she forced the pillow down on my face. She held down with all her strength. I fought and fought, but my body ached so bad i felt as if i was paralyzed. I couldn't fight back, i couldn't breathe, i forced inhales, which of course, were in vain. My tears dripped into my mouth as i tried to scream for help. Yet i didn't know who i was screaming to for help, i've been doing that my entire life, but my mom never cared. I've always been alone, no one there to love me , take care of me, help me with my homework. I felt myself losing consciousness as my mother held the pillow down on me. What would my last words be? A question we usually never think of. Muffled through the pillow i cry “I HATE YOU”. It was the thing i could never say when i was a kid, for the fear of getting myself beaten within an inch of my life. Suddenly the pillow lost its weight and it tumbled off. A scream boomed echoed throughout the room. I turned to see the creature crawling on the wall. My mom stepped back “oh god no, nononononono, PLEASE NO” she screamed, her voice was filled with pure terror. It turned its two deep black sockets towards her, and lunged at her, toppling her to the ground. It threw its long bleach white arms high up in the air and slammed them down, out of my view. I could hear the loud smack of its fist against her chest. SLAM, SLAM, SLAM. It seemed to go on forever, but i just watched, not feeling an inch of remorse. Blood painted the walls and on all the other objects in the room. The thing pushed it self off her and upright with its oversized fist. It turned to me and crawled over to me. It, no, my father, crawled over to me and looked up at me. It pushed itself on to the bed and extended its long arms and held me. Finally after so many years, i've finally met my father, who i once thought didn't care about me, just saved me. I had always thought of him as the creature who tormented me as a kid, but he was the one who watched over me, he was the only one that cared for me. He wasn't the monster in this situation, that was my mother, she was the real monster, the real tormenter. I felt so comfortable in my father's arms, finally, for once in my life, i no longer feel alone.

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