WTB Psychopaths

WTB Psychopaths

My name is not important, what is important is that I need help in acquiring more psychopaths or my head will be on the chopping board on the next board meeting. Posting to Reddit probably shows the desperation of my situation. The dark web does not help, and more states banning the death penalty, it really is not a good time for my department for quite a few years now. Like seriously, finding a grade A psychopath is hard enough, but psychopaths being protected by the law is quite preposterous. God damn governments would rather prioritize giving them a good life in prison than advancing the human race. Really, the US really embodies the antithesis of knowledge. Their apparent moral code thinks that monsters with no conscience deserve to be treated like any human being. Yeah, I love to see them forgive someone who murders their family in cold blood in front of them. "Human" rights my ass.

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Now that my rant is over, I probably should tell you what I do to give u an insight to my ramblings above. All you need to know is that I am just some guy in the supply management (procurement) department of a certain corporation in the US branch. The corporation deals with medical research and the development of drugs for the top 1% of the world. So yeah, it is as secretive as it is shady but I digress, my corporation already made huge strides in the medical industry for years now, like gene therapy, development of synthetic cells, Faecal transplants, etc. Obviously, my corporation did not openly take credit for all research. We send agents to universities and research facilities all over the world to push the "actual" scientist in the right direction to ensure success in the public eye. Secrecy is a priority given how we conduct research (more on that below). Like all researches in the medical field, it will have to take years even decades to even commercialize the products or treatments. For example, what we completed and proven 5 years ago is gonna take about 5 more years or more for them to reach consumers depending on the research. So yeah, our agents must have a ton of patience to go through the same shit again. Then again they are earning upwards of 5 figures per month on top of the amount they are paid in the "actual" research facilities.

If you are not mentally deficient, you will already know that we are that arch-villain research organization in the movies. Where the hero comes and stops the big bad. Child experiments, live mutilations, radiation exposure, etc. Basically, you can tick every checkbox of an evil mad scientist facility. You named it, we have done it; there is no such thing as ethics in our dictionary. Also, in this story, there is no hero.

People that tried to poke around are swiftly dealt with our securities department. Killing is old school, primitive and most importantly draws too much attention. We use amnestics, a serum can be ingested, inhaled or injected leaving the victim into a daze-like state, then hypnosis is applied. Firstly interrogation, then telling them to destroy all evidence they accumulated about the corporation, forget it even exists and continue on with their lives. The whole process lasts about 10 mins with the victim let go through our front door. Certainly better than killing or abduction. So far it has worked 100% of the time since its inception. Well, at least that is what Jeff (not his real name) from security told me. Not to mention we are extremely well funded if shit hits the fan, we have our very own SWAT team to contain any situation in every branch. The most recent activation was in the Europe branch, where a rogue researcher tried to escape with our experiments. They managed to contain them with massive infrastructure damage. What an idiot, last I heard, his whole family and him were being used as lab rats in the Immortalitatis project to cover up the cost of the damage. Poor guy. Shit like this is the reason why most fundings are being put into security to prevent soft-hearted pussies from escaping with our lab rats. If u ask me, HR is at fault here, hiring a morally-upright man for an ethicless job. Speaking of lab rats, it is about time I tell you what I do.

My job is pretty simple, procurement of live products for experimentation. Psychopaths to be exact. Procurement of children and the average joe is done by another department. My team and I just need to focus on getting Psychopaths, that's it. Something about how their brains function is different from the average joe. It can be seen through an MRI scan, which made them valuable to my fellow researchers. I do not know why if you ask me, I only have a degree in mechanical engineering. How I ended up here is beyond me. Let alone understanding the medical side of things. Back on topic, my team is divided into tracking and extraction of live products. Me being the manager of the trackers and the link between them and the extractors.

Tracking is a small team that does the intelligence gathering on potential products. These people you do not fuck with. Any dirty laundry you want to dig up on the internet or any detective work you need solving? These guys are who you find. Remember Sherlock? Every single one of them is almost as perceptive as him, I said almost. Sherlock is too good to be real. The generations of trackers before my time caught the Zodiac killer (screaming in a cell right now due to an experimental anti-ageing serum), the monster of Florence (mutilated beyond belief, yet still alive), the Honolulu Strangler (he must have thanked the gods, he died after exposure to an experimental gas), etc. You know having the brains every intelligence agency in the world desperately sort after. Apparently, their predecessors are the ones that interviewed and mentored them to succeed in their place. They are the ones I would hound after if the quota does not meet, but then again tracking a grade A psychopath is no easy task considering how small their team is. I admit I have no idea what they do, I just know that they give me the product particulars and I then coordinate this information to extraction.

Extraction does the product recovering and they are an autonomous bunch. May not be as important as the trackers, but still vital nonetheless. Usually man in suits with tons of affiliation with government and private agencies. People that are directly under the top 1% sent to work with the corporation. Depending on who we want to extract, a team is sent to assist me by my boss. No 1 team or persons are the same in each extraction, other than this one Asian guy that seemed to be in charge dealing with my branch. Again, men you do not want to screw around with. I speak to them when necessary and that is as far as my interaction with them goes.

This job is fine and dandy until we found out that our grade A stock is depleting faster than normal for the past few months (the fuck are the researchers doing man). We normally search in the convicts' database, mental institutions, hell even going into r/incels and try to weed out the psychopaths. However, these will normally procure a grade B and below psychopath given how much substance abuse and health issues they have (again this is a guess, I do not know how researches grade them). The grade A ones are few and far between and are normally found when murders and serial killings break out. Yes, catching one in his natural habitat usually procures a grade A. The problem comes when our potential products commit a few serial killings and get caught by the police before we can reach them. If that state sentences him to death, cool, we have to postpone extracting him…for a few fucking decades. Goddamn bureaucrats. Faking their death during their execution is tedious enough, let alone waiting for so long. That is not counting them dying in prison especially if they happened to be rapist too. If he gets caught elsewhere with no penalty, well we can say goodbye to him. The extractors may be able to pull a few strings here and there to "save" the psychopath, however, secrecy is still our number 1 priority. We win some and we lose some.

Which leads me to the dark web. You would say my trackers practically owns the dark web. However, most of these dark webs psychopaths function in places outside of US nowadays. The dark web used to be our usual hunting ground. However, due to some shit that happened a few years ago, the FBI starts to crack down more and more of these people and "saving" them before we can even react. I must say the FBI is extremely efficient at doing their job taking my goldmine away. I chatted with my Chinese counterpart in the China branch recently, and apparently his grade A stock is thriving there, same with the Europe and Middle East branches. Perks of being in a country with a metric ton of people with an uncaring government I guess (ironic I know). I will have to adapt to change which means I will have to change my hunting grounds if I were to keep my job.

Which leads me to one of my solutions. You guys. If you suspect anybody in your life happens to be a psychopath let us know. Not all psychopaths are murderers, they just happened to be born different. Like that co-worker that has no problem destroying people's careers just to advance the corporate ladder or that in-law that is focused on destroying your family. For the betterment of society and humanity, it is best for you to come forward. Trust me, you may not know what happens to you afterwards. However, all you know is that the psychopath is gone and it is not your fault. Not to mention you are about a hundred grand richer and nothing is your fault.

Submitted May 24, 2019 at 11:18AM by CancerEbola

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