You Can Check Out Anytime You Like But You Can Never Leave.

You Can Check Out Anytime You Like But You Can Never Leave.

There was something particularly dark about this night, as I barrelled down the desert highway I felt the wind rush through my hair like a temporary cold that only affected the top half of my body. I had rolled down the windows to wake me up from the dazed high that smoking too much weed had put me in, I smoked a lot of weed when I wanted to drown my sorrows.

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Unfortunately the only thing the wind had done was spread the strong cannabis musk around the car.

As my high took a stronger hold of me I started to fall asleep and the world around me grew dim as my head grew heavy, I couldn’t keep going like this, if I did I would probably drive of the road. I silently hoped for a place to stop for the night and I lifted my head knowing that no such place existed out here in the desert, I was wrong.

At first I thought it was the weed as I saw shimmering lights in the near distance but as I got closer I realized it was real. I drove up to the entrance and parked, on the negative it wasn’t a five start hotel, it was actually very dilapidated and honestly a little bit scary. However as I entered I saw the positive, standing in the doorway I saw what had to be the most gorgeous women I had ever seen she reminded me of what I had lost but I didn’t care about that now, as I studied her body I realised that depending how this night went this could either be heaven or hell.

The women calmly welcomed me in as she lit a scented candle; I followed her to the reception area. As we made our way down a long corridor I noticed the décor, there sense of style was very Shakespearean and I started to think that this might be a lovely place. I felt deeply welcomed by the hotel like I could stay here the entire year round and it would be perfectly comfortable. It seemed strange but it felt like home.

After I checked in the gorgeous girl had started to lead me to my room, as we passed other male guests I noticed that they all greeted her and took a minute to study her body just as I had. She turned to me and told me that she was very close to all the guests, they were her friends. Strangely I had only seen young men.

Before she left me at my room she offered me and invitation to a party in the courtyard later, i was too high to do anything besides sleep so I politely declined and tried to settle into my Victorian looking room. I laid down on my bed and tried to close my eyes but every time I did the flashes and images came back, what I had lost was always in the dark of my alone time. After about an hour of failing to fall asleep I made my way to the courtyard hoping I’d see the gorgeous women again. She wasn’t there; the guests however were dancing to a balled that sounded like it was from a hundred years ago.

There movements erratic as sweat poured down their faces again noticed that they were all men but there was something stranger this time. They were all dressed in different types of clothing. Clothing from all across history, I stopped a man from dancing to ask him what this costume party was for and he told me there were only ever two reasons for the party. Some people wanted to remember and some people wanted to forget, what he said next sounded even stranger. The man had told me that if I wanted to remember then I should start dancing.

I ignored him and made my way to the bar, I needed a drink to process all this. Before I could even sit down I was handed a glass of wine. It was my favourite wine and as I took a sip of it I was genuinely impressed with the bartender. I thanked him politely but he told me not to, I had asked him for the same wine for forty nine years.

I was a bit surprised as I demanded to see the manager. The bartender politely gave me directions and as I angrily made my way to his office the corridor calmed me once again and gave me the feeling that I belonged here. I entered the office of the manager and was surprised to find that it was a little bit posh, it looked like it was taken straight out of Vegas with mirrors covering the ceiling and pink champagne cooling in ice. The gorgeous women sat on a chair and asked me to sit on another across from her. It was strange that she was the manager and the person who welcomed guests but that was okay.

I demanded to know what was going on in this hotel as I clutched the elbow rests; she stared at me and shook her head in what looked like pity remarking that I had forgotten again. Anger welling up inside me I walked out of her office resolving to get away from this place and as followed screaming that I couldn’t leave, pissed off by her arrogances I shouted back that I was not a prisoner.

However when we reached the main hall I stopped dead in my tracks. I felt sick as I watched the disgusting event going on in front of me; all of the guests from the courtyard were sitting at a table. All of the men who I had seen and met earlier were having dinner, this time however they each had a female companion sitting next to them.

The women who I’m sure had once been beautiful was mutilated and decaying, bullet wounds in their heads where insects crawled out off. Stab wounds in their bodies where there intestines were hanging from and a variety of other injuries. They should have been dead. I heard my name being called out and turned around to come face to face with her, the one I had lost, tears flowed down my eyes as I watched the love of my life stand there covered in blood. The gorgeous women from earlier had stood in front of me now blocking my way, She whispered to me that I was a prisoner here but only because I chose to be. As I took in the scene I once again resolved to leave, I wasn’t going to let myself get taken by whatever sick thing was happening here.

I grabbed what looked like a serrated steel knife from the table and jammed it into her chest cutting through her ribs as it made its way to her heart. The entire room went quiet as I expected her to fall down and clutch her body in pain, she didn’t. She just stood there and smiled. She called me a silly boy, saying that I should have learnt from the previous forty eight times. There’s no way to kill the beast.

I turned around and ran, I continued to run and run until all I could remember was running. I needed to get back to my car. Finally I reached the reception hall and ran down the corridor. I screamed as I found the door was locked. I tried desperately to push it open or kick through it but failed every time. When I had finally given up both the gorgeous women and the dead bleeding love of my life had walked up to me.

The gorgeous women had asked me to calm down as she explained that this motel was only meant to receive. In tears I asked her what they received and she explained that they received people who was far from forgiveness, people who, like me, had committed the ultimate crime by taking the lives of the ones who had given us their hearts. She helped me up and put my hand in the hand of my dead girlfriends. I flash backed and watched myself murder her as she begged me not to, as she cried and told me how much she loved as took her life away from her.

The gorgeous women had told me that I could checkout anytime I liked but as I walked down the halls and it welcomed me and my dead love in I knew that I could never leave.


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